Community Engagement Specialist Manager (Administrative Manager)

City of Cleveland - Cleveland, OH3.7

Community Engagement Specialist Manager
(Administrative Manager)

The Community Engagement Specialist Manager will administer the Community Engagement Healthy Homes Initiative. The Manager will oversee approximately seventeen Community Engagement Specialists that will be working in neighborhood Community Development Corporations (CDCs).

A community engagement strategy is one of many tools to engage homeowners and landlords in maintaining the housing stock within the City of Cleveland. Deploying Community Engagement Specialists, by neighborhood, will aid in improving the quality of life of residents and the City's housing stock. The program will be focused on healthy homes and linking residents and landlords to resources, education and training once trust is built. Special priority will be given to supporting the City's seniors.

(Title changed from Executive Assistant) Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning, managing, developing work rules, training, coordinating, and administering all activities and personnel of such staff positions as administration, citizen participation, research, and finance, and manages such personnel as are assigned to specific functions in the performance of the necessary duties. Performs other job-related duties as required.

A High School Diploma or GED is required. A Bachelor's Degree is required. Four years of full time paid management or administrative experience is required. (Substitution: Two years of experience may substitute for each year of college education lacking. A valid State of Ohio Driver's License is required.

Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning, managing, coordinating, and administering all activities and field personnel in implementing the community engagement strategy for the Department.
Community Engagement Specialists will be responsible for serving neighborhoods and will be housed in CDCs (Community Development Corporations), reporting to the CDC Executive Director and the Community Engagement Specialist Manager.
Work with the CDC team, Building and Housing Department and City Council members to determine which areas of a neighborhood have the most need.
Manage the Community Engagement Specialists, which includes monitoring field work as well as ensuring all field data is captured for analysis and evaluation.
Chair the Community Engagement Specialist Healthy Home Taskforce in the absence of the Commissioner of the Division of Neighborhood Services (DNS).
Responsible for developing and coordinating training classes and forums for tenants, homeowners and landlords, on at least a quarterly basis, covering lead safe work practices and general housekeeping, focusing on the management of duties and chores involved in the running of a household, such as environmental cleaning, healthy cooking, laundry and home maintenance.
Work with the DNS maintenance programs which includes the Exterior Paint Program, Interior Paint Program, Gutter Program, Tree Trimming Program, Door Replacement Program, Window Replacement Program, Furnace Replacement Program, Furnace Repair Program and Hot Water Tank Replacement Programs and any other home maintenance programs for the Department, as implemented.
Responsible for the managerial oversight of the program design, implementation, unit production and all reporting requirements to the DNS Commissioner.
Responsible for budget oversight which includes approving payments from the CDCs for the Community Engagement Specialists.
Coordinate efforts with the Home Maintenance Program Manager, which includes administering the field components of the Paint Program and other home maintenance programs as developed.
Responsible for the oversight of the Community Engagement Specialists to ensure compliance with the program requirements, other home maintenance programs and the CDC contract.
Responsible for forecasting the needs of the program which includes identifying and connecting housing occupants with external and internal housing issues; building trust with residents; developing written communication and providing technical assistance around home repair, interim controls in addressing lead hazards, home maintenance measures and selecting contractors.
The Divisional liaison to the Department of Building and Housing, Public Health Department, Law Department, Community Relations Department, Department of Aging, housing rehabilitation agencies, Lead Coalition and the Executive Directors of the assigned Community Development Corporations to ensure the needs of the residents are being met.
Responsible for ensuring compliance of the local housing code as well as, state and federal lead requirements.

Prepare and deliver presentations at community meetings and answer questions concerning the program.
Work closely with the staff in the CDCs and Division to ensure jobs move within the assigned time line.
Work with Community Engagement Specialists to track job inspection scheduling and to review and evaluate field work.
Meet with Community Engagement Specialists in the field and conduct random field audits to determine program success.
Work with City Council, CDC, Building & Housing and Community Engagement Specialist to determine Neighborhood Concentrated Inspection Areas (CIAs)
Track progress in each neighborhood CIA
Support Community Engagement Specialists in doing the following:
Coordinate senior support services with the Department of Aging to ensure the senior is signed up for homestead exemption and the accompanying water and sewer discounts.
Coordinate access to other existing resources – e.g. furnace and gutter repair with CHS; HWAP, plumbing and electrical with CHN; City SHAP or RAH if eligible.
Administer Paint Program in the field with inspections performed by the Community Engagement Specialists.
Communicate via one-on-one meeting, letter, email and/or telephone with the homeowner/tenant and or landlord explaining any housing issues and expressing a willingness to assist.
Work with Community Engagement Specialists to target Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) homes rated as C for their CIA inspections.
Conduct training classes and/or forums for homeowners and landlords on at least a quarterly basis to address housing needs.
Performs other related work as required.

Five years of project management experience is preferred.
Knowledgeable in programs funded by HUD and other federal programs and the corresponding regulations.
Knowledgeable in Federal, State and Local Lead regulations.
Must have strong analytical skills and must be detail oriented.
Five years of detail office environment experience including developing and managing a budget, projecting workflow and managing outside partners.
Ability to navigate through and integrate multiple servicing systems to carry out a program.
Ability to write procedures, correspondence and train others.
Advanced Microsoft Excel skills are preferred.
Two years of experience in lead hazard reduction work.
Two years of experience in construction estimating and pricing.
Two years of experiencing in writing and/or reviewing work specifications.
Five years of experience in supervising others.
Knowledgeable in health, building and housing codes which include local, state and federal regulations for Lead Hazard Control work.