Administrative Assistant for AESP

Fisk University - Nashville, TN

POSITION SUMMARY: The Administrative Assistant provides clerical and related administrative support for all staff serving in the office of Academic Excellence & Student Performance (AESP). These include LEAD staff, first-year academic advisors, DDS coordinator, tutors, and directors of the Math Lab and Writing Center. The Administrative Assistant may directly work along with the advising team for first-year students. The Administrative Assistant reports to the director of AESP (Vice Provost for Student Success), who reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Administrative Assistant may provide support to all other auxiliary units affiliated with AESP. The Administrative Assistant provides support for early warning system of advising, electronic student success management system, and faculty and staff engaged in the utilization of those systems. The Administrative Assistant provides support for testing and placement of first-year students and generally university testing.

Maintain logs and other documentation of services to students and other AESP activities; prepares requisitions, purchase orders, instructional materials, or other materials as requested by AESP staff; performs necessary follow up with other organizational units.
Process requests for pay for tutors, student mentors, or other student workers.
Monitor budgetary expenditures and grant funding related to AESP.
Draft correspondence for students, faculty, university staff, and, as necessary, other university stakeholders to share information about AESP activities, help resources, and other materials necessary for student success.
Schedule venues and physical locations for AESP and related activities; procure appropriate technological equipment for presentations and manage other logistical needs to ensure quality programming.
Maintain confidential student records and other physical and electronic data for long-term access; enter electronic data on student academic performance and generate necessary reports and analytics for retention, persistence, attendance, participation, and completion.

Assist in preparing recruitment and promotional materials
Be supportive of certain evening or weekend events/activities
Assist with clerical support at offices outside of AESP

Excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills
Good writing and speaking skills, along with a personable outlook
Able to work with diverse groups of individuals
Familiarity with higher education and learning environments
Familiarity with basic academic policies and concepts, e.g., FERPA, FAFSA, etc.
Able to work cooperatively with others
Ability to prepare materials for publication and/or presentations
An independent self-starter
Expert in the use of Microsoft Office and related programs and applications, e.g., PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
Able to perform other duties as assigned

The Office of Academic Excellence and Student Performance (AESP) provides support for the academic success of all students enrolled at Fisk University. AESP offers a range of services for students, including academic counseling, first-year experience support, tutorial services, academic intervention and reasonable accommodations for differently-abled learners, student crisis intervention, testing and placement, first generational support, and a range of other services for students who are academically challenged.

Education: Administrative Assistant should have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree preferably in Counseling, Education, or any discipline that exposes the candidate to an environment of student support or academic success.

Experience: A minimum of one-year experience in a higher education environment is required.

Licenses or Certificates: No license or certification required.
Additional Requirements: A background and/or credit check will be required of the successful applicant. An official transcript (if applicable) and names, addresses and phone numbers of three (3) references will be required of the successful applicant