Vassal Lane Upper School Out-of-Time Placement Coordinator (2 positions)

Cambridge Public Schools - Cambridge, MA3.9

Part-time$36 an hour
Service Agreement Opportunity #173 2018/2019 School Year

November 6, 2018

Service Opportunity:
Vassal Lane Upper School Out-of-School Time Placement Coordinator (2 positions)

Description of Services:
Coordinate efforts within her/his school to support Upper School students/youth (6th, 7th & 8th graders)
and their families in finding appropriate Out-of-School-Time (OST) enrichment opportunities on campus
and throughout the city
Maintain and help disseminate information and build awareness about OST opportunities throughschool-
based workshops, events, bulletin boards, Advisory, homeroom, and other means
Collect OST data: gather, maintain and share information connected with students’ OST participation
Collect club and intramural data: Work with school leaders, enrichment club and intramural leaders to
document and share student participation in US-based OST opportunities
Communicate and collaborate with grade-level teacher team(s) and school personnel to identify youth
that need additional support in finding and accessing
appropriateOST opportunities and making connections with
Work in partnership and maintain ongoing communication with the Middle School Network (MSN)
Coordinator and other Agenda for Children/MSN personnel
Meet regularly, communicate with and support the MSN Liaison to help integrate them into the
school,divide up responsibilities and collectively serve high priority
Provide targeted case management to students in need of outreach and support, including follow up with
youth, families, teachers and OST programs
Support or create new initiatives to get students talking about OST
(ex: OST Youth Leadership teams, health
class content, facilitating small groups, detention worksheets and conversations)
Attend orientation and meetings with Placement Coordinators from each of the Upper Schools
Duties will take an average of 8-12 hours per month to fulfill

Minimum Requirements:
Experience working with middle school students and faculty in school settings.
Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
Experience with data entry and management.
Experience building relationships with students and families

Start and End Dates:

Contract Amount :
$36.00 per hour no to exceed $2,500 (split)

Application Deadline :
November 16, 2018