Outside Technology Sales

Chetu Inc. - Charleston, SC


Job Summary
Job Summary
** Looking For Highly Motivated Technology Sales Folks That Want To Make Money $$ **
Compensation Structure for Outside Technology Sales:

  • There is a Base Salary.
  • The commission is “annuity” like. That is, once you close a deal your commission will continue as long as we work for that client.
  • Some of our client relationships have been going on for more than 10 years! The average is more than 6 months (depends a lot on what type of sale you go after).
  • If you are above average: Within the first or second year, your monthly income will be more than in a six-figure annual salary.
  • If you are good: Within your second year, your commission-only monthly income will be more than in a six-figure annual salary.
  • No commission caps, the sky is the limit!
  • Highest compensation as we have multiple sales members who have made seven figures over 3-4 years.

Outside Technology Sales Position Description:

  • Consultative Selling Method.
  • Will need motivation and hard work.
  • Work from Home. (You will need self-discipline and self-drive to succeed).
  • We use Salesforce as a CRM.
  • Minimum to no account management.

What is needed?

  • Sales experience.
  • Hunting and Closing, no farming.
  • Technology selling experience will be a plus.
  • Experience in a specific industry (e.g., healthcare, hospitality, payments, etc.) will be a plus.

About Us:

  • Our company provides software development services.
  • We have been around 18-years and have 1500+ employees.
  • We bring the “change” in technology and so we are relatively recession-proof.
  • Never had a lay-off and 100% organically grown. Never had a debt or loan or borrowed money.
  • We currently have close to 70-full-time employees in our sales team.
  • Sales team is stable and is not a revolving door.
  • Longest sales tenure is 10+ years

Website: www.chetu.com
Job Type: Full-time

Job Type: Full-time