Division Manager Material Handling & Auxiliaries

Wittmann Battenfeld Inc - Torrington, CT


A. Divisional Manager of Material Handling & Auxiliaries Requirements

  • BS Engineering Degree or related technical experience a must.
  • Excellent oral, phone and written English correspondence skills.
  • Ability to cope with varying frequency of incoming requests and constantly re-assess priorities for maximizing company objectives and excellent organizational skills.
  • To maintain professional and positive working relationships with all contacts and business dealings. A strong “team play” personality is a must.
  • Computer skills including MS Office with proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.
  • US state drivers license and passport for international travel is required and in good standing.

B. Business & Management Responsibilities of MHA Divisional Manager

  • To obtain sufficient knowledge of our Material Handling, Dryers, Water product lines.
  • To manage staff and Systems Estimating-Costing-pricing-Margin Analysis for proper systems management..
  • Oversee staff for proper management of central systems projects from the RFQ stage through installation and assist in all operational, engineering, accounting, service and support requirements.
  • Help Sell, and make sales.
  • Assist in Customer Issues resolution, including Accounting, Service, personnel issues, etc.
  • Assist in Power Point presentations development for Customer Sales, and for Rep Training,
  • Develop detailed charts, excel spreadsheets, sales reports, open quote reports, follow-thru in details,
  • Assist in Marketing functions as requested.
  • Follow-thru in all deadlines,
  • Support Rep trainings and National or Regional Sales Meetings,
  • Develop better and more competitive quotations templates & cover letters and more efficient quote systems, generation,
  • Maintain competitive product files and update competitive technical analysis charts by product category, pulling from field to always be the central collection and director to help with competitive situations with detailed written info for any field sales contact,
  • Assist in Monthly updates for Pending Order Trackers, Lost Orders, and review for strategy and focus and support for closure and "business correctness", who is champion?, etc.
  • Publish routine technical or marketing announcements to field sales on new products, but always include the selling feature-benefit teeth.
  • Nurture or develop field case stories with photos for field sales, PR, sales tool.
  • Build team cooperation and team morale.
  • Maintain muti-media library of case studies – video, jpg photos, 35mm photos, mpg clips, printed color copy, cd rom, etc. to support any needs that arise for sales, marketing support.
  • Support training programs for OEM’s, new staff, reps, etc.
  • See staff support by-weekly Stock Reports and help manage proper stocking levels of products.
  • Contribute to product lines development via field sales and customer and market feedback.
  • Make certain new product programs are being tested and launched successfully.
  • Track market share performance and develop ideas for programs and products that will allow growth.
  • Assist scheduling, preparing, entertaining Customer, Rep, OEM plant visits, meetings, tours.
  • Monitor trials and the work to obtain closure success.
  • Review monthly sales and shipments reports for accuracy and monitor quote & sales levels.
  • Attempt to have and maintain positive personal relationships with key high level management at many or most customers. Don’t remain hidden in background as “office manager”.
  • Organize all aspects of your work, files, office, pc, etc. to be efficient on matters and helpful to many people.
  • Provide forecasts when requested.
  • Field Travel for field sales, to manage projects, resolve customer issues and to stay sharp on how we are doing from the eyes of the marketplace and our customers. Know our company from the outside looking in. Know how we rate by product against the competition. Understand where we rate on our rep’s “true” linecard rank for your division’s product lines.
  • Make reps feel like they are business partners, not outsiders.
  • Support our vendor relationships.
  • Handle product recall or rework requirements.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Plastics and Plastics Industry: 4 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)