Diesel Barbershops of Greater Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

Full-timeEstimated: $19,000 - $27,000 a year
Receptionist at Diesel Barbershop Spring St NW located on the Spring St NW side of AMLI Arts Center- 1240 West Peachtree St. Suite A, Atlanta, GA 30309

About Us

The cornerstone of Diesel Barbershop’s success is our unique and exciting culture. The effects of our culture are infectious when properly maintained and nurtured. As an employee of Diesel Barbershop, your mood, professionalism, and dedication will have a lasting impact on our clients and in turn affect their likeliness to not only tip well, and refer their friends and family, but become a loyal client. Our culture is one focused on:

Providing the very best customer service
Developing and maintaining a happy, cohesive, unified team of professional barber and stylists.
Continually striving to better our results and ourselves
A rapid and sustainable growth of our business and the Diesel Barbershop brand
Here at Diesel Barbershop, we have built an exciting, fun, and positive structured atmosphere centered around excellent customer service, the vibe of great music, as well as access to and use of the latest technology. We respect our clients, management, and our fellow employees and demonstrate this through our actions, our words, and our dedication to teamwork. We can ensure our success not only as a company, but as individuals as well by embracing this cultural philosophy.

The Barbershop Receptionist will be the first point of contact that customers have when entering. A friendly smile and a warm personality at the front desk with a focus on making clients feel comfortable and welcome. Acting as the spokesperson of the shop.

Job Duties

Answering the phone and scheduling appointments for all stylists/barbers.
They must welcome guests upon entering the salon.
Being able to answer questions about salon services and products is also an important aspect of the position.
Handling money and being able to operate a cash register is often required.
Calling to confirm appointments and folding towels when needed
Ability to perform other administrative duties
Portray a warm and welcoming persona on the phone as well as when clients are in for their appointments
The Client’s ‘Golden Rule’

You may be familiar with what is often referred to as the golden rule: Do unto others as you have them do unto you. In other words, treat other people the way you wish to be treated. The client’s ‘Golden Rule’ has one VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE:

‘As the client, please treat me the way that ‘I’ wish to be treated.

For us to execute this properly, the most important thing we can do, is listen. We must listen closely to not only what our clients say, but also to what they do not say. Mastery of the clients ‘Golden Rule’ is easier said than done, but once mastered: it is a skill that will follow and benefit you in all areas of your life.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

To achieve your goals as a business and for you to achieve your individual goals, you must do everything you can do to be the ‘Best Version of Yourself’:

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Always do what is right
Do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return
To achieve extraordinary results, do the thing that ordinary people can’t or won’t do