Clinical Director

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Position Summary:

Management position involving supervisory, administrative, and managerial duties along with direct services to youth. Supervises unlicensed Master’s level program treatment therapists in their delivery of treatment services to youth with histories of substance abuse, delinquency and/or mental health problems, and provides diagnostic services, counseling, and evaluation as required by treatment planning or crisis intervention policies. Supervises Case Management team in their delivery of services including communication with families, JPO’s, completion of RPACT or other assessments, performance summaries, etc. Responsible for delivery and documentation of all mental health-related treatment services including biopsychosocials. Serves as standing member of the facility’s management team, sharing responsibility for all programmatic, operational, clinical, fiscal and employee-related matters. Maintains supervision of all clinical time-lines and contact for clinical matters with outside agencies. Supervises the Licensed Mental Health Therapist and the Therapist.

Essential Duties:

  • Supervise, direct, and evaluate the work of case management and master’s level clinical staff. Provide and/or arrange for their training as required.
  • Ensure that case management and therapy staff are trained in and adhere to the fidelity of evidence-based practices.
  • Assist local management team through training, consultation and technical assistance in clinical or treatment-related subjects to staff of all direct-care departments.
  • Organize and oversee clinical documentation of all diagnostics, and treatment planning, delivery and evaluation, ensuring that services meet treatment-related state, CoA, and contractual requirements.
  • Coordinate and oversee, in conjunction with appropriate management team members, the composition, scheduling, processes and content of multi-disciplinary treatment teams.
  • Provide oversight and supervision for any special needs treatment programs (e.g., Sexual Offender treatment 7 Challenges, etc.
  • Provide diagnostic evaluation, routine individual counseling, or crisis intervention counseling, as required by standing procedure, treatment plans, or special circumstances.
  • Participate on local management team to set and enforce local policy, develop and implement long-range planning, and monitor programmatic, fiscal, and human resources aspects of the overall facility and schedules applying to management team members. May require on-call clinical duty.
  • Participate on local quality improvement committee, acting as liaison between committee and management team.
  • Serve as Designated Mental Health Authority for facility, where required by contract or state or local requirement. The services for which the Coordinator will serve as authority may include Mental Health Overlay Services (MHOS), Substance Abuse Overlay Services (SAOS), Intensive Mental Health Services, or any others as required.
  • In Roane County, Tennessee, or any program providing Overlay Services, the CSC will comply with the following duties:

- Conduct interviews with clients to develop the individual Mental Health Treatment Plan - Review and sign the psychosocial assessment if prepared by an unlicensed counselor - Review and sign the behavioral health treatment plan
- Provide at least four hours clinical supervision per month
- Provide assessments and individual or family therapy if more extensive services are needed
- Provide oversight and coordination of MHOS/SAOS
- Conduct fact-to-face interview to develop an individual treatment plan (DJJ)

Other Duties Include, But Not Limited to:

  • Maintain a high standard of role model behavior for youth.
  • Participate in ongoing in-service training and development activities as required.
  • Report any acts, incidents or conditions that reflect the possibility of inappropriate youth-to-youth or staff-to-youth relationships.
  • Report any use of physical force and all unusual incidents per YOA policy and state guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or needed.

Reports to: Facility Administrator

Directly supervises: Case Managers, Group Treatment Therapists, and other staff as applicable

Internal Relationships: All Facility Staff

External Relationships: Consulting Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist

Education, Experience, Other Qualifications:

  • Education – State licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or Licensed Mental Health Counselor, or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or Clinical Psychologist required. Coursework or practicum experience in group work, family therapy, sexual offender treatment and/or substance abuse treatment preferred.
  • Experience - Two years’ experience in direct-care delivery of treatment or clinical services, plus one year of supervisory experience preferred. Incumbents working in a residential DJJ program should have three years’ experience working in an offender (adult or juvenile) treatment program. Experience with group work modalities, residential settings, child welfare, and substance abuse treatment preferred.
  • Skills - Good organizational skills, analytic ability and attention to detail are required, as are training and counseling skills. Must be able to work effectively with diverse groups of staff and residents in a participatory management environment.
  • Physical Demands - Ability to periodically work extended hours and to respond to mental health crises at varied hours within and outside a standard work week. Ability to assist staff in restraining youth in accordance with approved behavior management techniques. PAR certification preferred. Ability to travel to and observe youth groups in primitive campsite settings. Must be free of communicable diseases as required by the appropriate state and to the extent that this knowledge is attainable under federal law.
  • Other - Must meet state criminal background check requirements. Must maintain employment eligibility status.
  • Travel - Must be able to meet requirements for YOA’s Auto Insurance and be able to drive for business purposes. Must have appropriate and valid state driver’s license.

Job Type: Full-time


  • supervisory: 1 year
  • direct-care delivery of treatment or clinical services: 2 years


  • LCSW, LMHC, LMFT or Clinical Psychologist

Required work authorization:

  • United States