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NSC Global is currently looking for a Senior Project Manager to join our growing company.

POSITION: Senior Project Manager

JOB TYPE: Direct Hire (W2) with NSC Global


NSC GLobal provides global network implementation and support solutions to world-class organizations, delivering cost savings and operational simplicity. Our goal is to partner with world-class enterprises, helping them become more agile, create commercial advantage and build quality through design, deployment, support and management of their global IT communications. NSC Global is a US Cisco Global Gold Certified Partner with a corporate headquarters in London, UK and a US headquarters in New York, NY. Please review our website at for more information on our organization.

It is the role of the Senior Project Manager to lead large and complex special projects and to take responsibility for the achievement of the agreed goals and objectives. A senior project manager will spend the majority of their time project managing a large or strategically important project; their key differentiator will be their project management skills. While probably using established processes the senior project manager is moulding the processes to provide a better solution. At times they will manage a project as part of a large complex programme under the guidance of a Program Manager.

Excellence in project management is achieved when the leader of the project delivers the results required by all stakeholders. This requires managing the many variables that occur, during the life of the project. The projects that a senior project manager is responsible for are likely to be large and strategically important. While not complete the following responsibilities show the breadth of issues the project manager needs to manage.

1. Project Integration Management
Deliver to clients all facets of project performance, often exceeding their expectations. Represent nscglobal in a positive way and work with client service management and account management to build the relationship with customers to enable future business growth. Achieve client deadlines. Take accountability for project performance. Ensure a project plan is prepared and maintained. Actively seek previous experience and follow the nscglobal project management method. Manage the plan using the negotiated resources. Measure performance and take corrective action where necessary. Manage a change management process to provide change control.

2. Project Scope Management
Responsible for delivering the commercial outcomes required from the project. Conduct stakeholder analysis and provide the interface with all stakeholders, manage this interface and all expectations. Manage the interface between nscglobal and the customer. Liaise with the nscglobal business units and regularly report to the sponsor. Manage varying end client expectations both stated and unstated. Negotiate project conditions with the ordering organisation. Clarify definition of mandate / Sow, details of contract and manage contract variations.

Manage the relationship with internal and where applicable external clients to monitor and manage any changes to requirements or expectations. Ensure acceptance of project deliverables by stakeholder/client/sponsor.

3. Project Time Management
Monitor new planning techniques, incorporating as necessary. Use a formal process to estimate times for all activities, sequence them and then prepare the schedule. Control performance to meet the deliverables according to the schedule. Support / mentor other project managers in planning projects.

4. Project Cost Management
Plan, allocate and manage budgets and P&L. Monitor cash flow. Give forewarning of any deviations from budget. Provide tender support for estimating and bid process. Control the budget within the limits of the project specification and the amount released by the project sponsor through the contract. Seek approval from the sponsor for any anticipated expenditure above the project budget.

5. Project Quality Management
Establish quality requirements and manage project to ensure compliance. Ensure all variations are agreed, documented and managed. Ensure a project information base is maintained through an approved project specification, regular reports and minutes, and a final report. Ensure the project uses suitable work processes and where applicable suggest improvements to the line organisation. Incorporate change management methodology as required in projects. Use project reviews as a way of objectively monitoring project performance. Monitor the effectiveness of processes, suggesting improvements where necessary to the process owner

6. Project Human Resources Management
Use strategies to promote team effectiveness, morale and productivity. Ensure the team owns the goals of the project and they are willing to extend themselves to meet the goals. Act as the line manager of the team in longer or larger projects. Transfer knowledge to other project managers by coaching and mentoring, support competence development of team and of other nscglobal staff.

7. Project Communications Management
Implement a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders, provide regular reports. Proactively seek new business while providing market information as to future business opportunities.

8. Project Risk Management
Use risk management to minimise cost variations and deviations from schedule while delivering to the stakeholders confidence in the project.

9. Project Procurement Management
Ensure the right competence is available in the project team, develop further competence as required. Manage third party equipment, partners and suppliers as well as sub-contractors. Liaise and negotiate with line managers both locally and globally. Ensure approval of resources from both the line organisation and the sponsor. Manage the resources, which may be people, equipment or finances, according to the project plan. Ensure appropriate tools and competence to use them is available to the project team.

Dimensions of the Position:

Managing a project requires a senior project manager to manage staff, approve expenditure and deliver project results. In order for this to occur a senior project manager requires a certain level of authority. A Senior Project Manager uses staff resources provided by the line organisation, it is the responsibility of the senior project manager to ensure that the level of authority of the senior project manager regarding the resources is clearly defined and understood by all parties. As part of the planning of the project the senior project manger will negotiate with the line organisation to establish the framework. Within this framework the senior project manager will exercise the authority required to achieve the goals of the project.


The commitment of finances to a project is the responsibility of the internal and external sponsors; it is assumed that unless there are special circumstances the project sponsors will transfer this responsibility to the senior project manager for the life of the project. The authority levels should reflect expenditure defined in the baseline plan and approved in the project specification. Any expenditure above the baseline needs to be approved by the sponsor

Key Relationships

The Senior Project Manager, has key relationships with the following:

Internal: Project Sponsor, nscglobal Senior Management, nscglobal partners and supplier, Account Management, Client Service Managers
External: Client project stakeholders to Executive level, suppliers
Project: Project stakeholders, team members, PMO
Skills and Experience Required

Program and Project Management

Experienced in the principles, methods and techniques for the effective management of programmes and projects. A minimum 5 years’ experience of demonstrated competence in large project management, for example network integration and development projects.


Experienced in motivating and leading others towards the achievement of goals and objectives.


Delegating tasks, responsibilities and authorities effectively


Being proactive, taking action and anticipating outcomes

Stress Handling

Retaining objectivity and proper understanding of a problem or situation when placed under conditions of stress


Experienced in effective problem solving techniques with ability to resolve individually or through facilitating a team of appropriate experts.


Effective written and oral communicator with the ability to tailor approach to audience requirements.

Project Management Tools

Proficient in the use of automated tools to assist in the project management process by automating mechanical tasks such as scheduling, resource balancing and time recording, e.g. Microsoft Project, Excel.

Project Management Methodologies

Experienced in the application of project management methodologies to provide constancy of delivery quality.

Progress Reporting

Expert in the methods and techniques for reporting the progress of activity against plan.

Customer Focus

Understanding and keeping the client’s needs continually in mind when taking actions or making decisions.

Cross-Functional and Inter-Disciplinary Awareness

Understanding the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions

Strategic Perspective

Keeping overall objectives and strategies in mind, and not being deflected from these when dealing with matters of detail

Financial Management

Experienced in project financial management, including full P&L.

Professional Qualification(s)

A degree or diploma and PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate, Project Management Institute (PMI) certification or equivalent

Programme and Project Management

Experience in global network deployments with an understanding of IT and networking products.

Experience of working in the following environments is a definite benefit: IT Infrastructure / Deployment / Networking / IPT / Wireless / Cisco.


Taking account of new information or changed circumstances and modifying understanding of a problem or situation accordingly

Influence and Persuasion

Influencing and persuading others to take a specific course of action when there is no direct line of command or control.

Remote Team Management

Experience in working with geographically distributed teams.

Business Proposals

Familiar with the methods and techniques for preparing and presenting business cases both written and oral.

Industry and Professional Standards

Understanding of the standards associated with the role such as nscglobal project management standards. Familiar with industry best practices.

nscglobal Project Management Methodology

Experienced in the application of nscglobals Project Management methodology to provide constancy of delivery quality.

nscglobal Business Tools

Familiar with sharepoint, finance spreadsheets and any other relevant tools in place to support project delivery.

Sales Process

Aware of the sales cycle, bid development and client communications management during the pre-sales phase. Previous experience in a vendor organisation beneficial

Commercial Awareness

Keeping the organisations business success in mind in carrying out all responsibilities. Identification of new opportunities.

nscglobal Product Knowledge

Understanding of the full nscglobal product line and the associated delivery functions.