SOS Law Enforcement Agent

State of North Carolina - Wake County, NC3.6

This position is open to Secretary of State employees only.
This position is for a trademark investigator/ special agent. The trademark investigator is a sworn law enforcement officer, primarily responsible for conducting criminal investigations of trademark violations anywhere in the state. The agent may also be assigned to investigate or assist in investigations of violations of any other statute the Secretary has jurisdiction over. The agent works under the direct supervision of the special agent in charge. The agent also has the authority to initiate investigations into trademark violations anywhere within the borders of the state. The agent is expected to coordinate investigative activity with the special agent in charge.

This position must be familiar with the trademark statute as well as all statutes the Secretary has authority to regulate such as the Notary Act, the Charitable Solicitations Act, and the Corporations Act. The position requires experience in criminal investigations and investigative practices. Experience in the collection of evidence, interviewing of witnesses, suspects and victims and the thorough documentation of investigative activity in a police records system. The agent must be capable of traveling throughout the state, working independently with minimal supervision while establishing effective working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement partners and working closely with private industry trademark representatives. The agent must be able to work cooperatively with prosecutors on the state and federal level to facilitate effective prosecutions of suspects.

The position requires the ability to seize, document, package and transport heavy bulky evidence. Excellent verbal skills are required in order to testify in court proceedings on criminal investigations and communicate effectively. The agent must be capable of public speaking and presenting awareness training on trademark issues to law enforcement groups or citizens as needed. The agent must be capable of operating a law enforcement vehicle, making arrests, transporting and processing suspects. The agent must maintain state certification as a law enforcement officer.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies
This position requires a thorough knowledge of the North Carolina Trademark statute as well as knowledge of the Notary Statute, Charitable Solicitations Act, and Corporations Act. The position requires extensive knowledge and experience in law enforcement investigative techniques and procedures. The agent will investigate trademark violations involving various sales platforms such as on line sales, in store sales and open air sales. Also the methods used to order, transport and store counterfeit products within this state. Experience in the preservation of documentary and digital evidence is required. The agent must have a thorough knowledge of North Carolina laws and criminal procedures. A working knowledge of computer forensic examinations, evidence collection and preservation is required.

The agent must have the ability to maintain an effective working relationship with department employees; local, state and federal law enforcement and private industry representatives; state and federal prosecutors and judges; and members of the general public. The agent will be expected to take complex fact patterns and make appropriate charging decisions with or without consultation with prosecutors.

Exceptional written and oral skills are essential to the position. The agent is required to prepare detailed written material, such as search warrants, court orders and other professional correspondence. The agent requires experience in criminal investigations and dealing effectively with members of the public. The agent will frequently work alone and must use sound officer safety procedures.

The agent is required to complete mandated state training requirements as well as agency training requirements. The agent will be required to carry firearms and qualify annually according to departmental requirements.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Bachelor s degree and/or equivalent combination of training and three years experience. Qualified for certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

**Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission or the ability to achieve certification within one year of employment. A valid N.C. operator's license is required in order to operate State owned vehicles.

Manager's Preference
Preference will be given to applicants who have knowledge and experience conducting investigations of trademark or other intellectual property crimes. Experience in cyber investigations is preferred.