Right of Way Agent

City of Lubbock, TX - Lubbock, TX

Plans, coordinates, and conducts negotiations for acquisition of real property or easements.

Supervise and participate in negotiations with property owners, corporations, mortgage holders, or their legal representatives to obtain real property or easements required by the City;
Confer with other governing bodies, city officials, and department heads regarding their needs in property acquisition;
Check all agreements for accuracy and completeness;
Meet with developers, citizens, City personnel, and outside utility companies to handle street/alley easement closures and the issuance of street/alley/easement licenses. Present easements to the City Council when scheduled;
Solve title problems and research legal descriptions and right of way questions for title and survey companies, citizens, and City departments;
Appraise City-owned property and buildings; appraise property the City is interested in purchasing; act as review appraiser for Community Development projects;
Review and keep abreast of all applicable City codes and ordinances;
Supervise recordkeeping system for City owned property;
Assist and offer technical advice on eminent domain proceedings;
Select, train, evaluate, and supervise personnel. Establish performance standards, work priorities, and schedules;
Assist in budget preparation; prepare reports as required;
Perform related duties as directed.

Completion of a bachelor degree in business, finance, real estate or a related field with an additional one to three years experience in appraising, purchasing, or selling real property; or any combination of relevant education and experience which provides the following:

Valid current Driver's License

Knowledge of:
Laws and practices relating to acquisition or land and right-of-way. Factors involved in appraising property.

Ability to:
Understand maps, deeds and conveyances, and construction plans; supervise the work of others; negotiate with others; maintain records and prepare reports; communicate effectively with others; coordinate and acquisition functions with City departments.
Physical Requirements
Occasionally walk, sometimes over rough terrain;
Frequently flex upper trunk forward;
Occasionally lift and carry up to 10 pounds;
Occasionally crouch or stoop;
Frequently operate a vehicle;
Occasionally reach above, at or below shoulder height.