Administrative Assistant with IT

ASR International Corporation - Natick, MA


Please apply with your experience related to the expectations listed below.

Role Details:

The candidate will provide secretarial and administrative assistance to the head of an element that is responsible for directing a significant program assigned to the Command. The candidate is responsible for carrying out/coordinating the administrative, office automation, and clerical support required of the element.

Expected Duties of the candidate listed below:

1. Receive all visitors and telephone calls to the supervisor and staff members. Ascertains nature of call or business visitors and determines the appropriate action. Refers important business and high-ranking visitors to the supervisor: When that is no practical, takes messages or makes later appointments for visitors. Submits Customer Support Tickets on behalf of the workforce. Refers business requiring specialized and technical responses to the appropriate staff member within the team. The candidate is authorized the provide administrative and readily available technical information to callers upon determination of their right to receive it.

Keeps supervisor's calendar and schedules appointments and meetings upon own initiative based upon personal knowledge of the workload and current issues of importance. Reminds supervisor of appointments and briefs supervisor on the matters to be considered before scheduled meetings. On own initiative, reschedules appointments when it becomes apparent that supervisors will not be able to meet previous schedule.

2. Responds to requests for information concerning the organizations functions. Personally prepares responses from source material. Anticipates need for information and systematically prepares material so that it is immediately available for supervisor's use. In the absence of the supervisor, insures that requests for action of information are made known to responsible personnel or action officer who can satisfy the request. Follows-up on required action and informs the supervisor of the status. When the supervisor is absent but accessible, decides whether important or emergency matters should be brought to his/her attention.

3. Arranges for conferences, including such matters as location, schedules, agenda, and attendance list. Assembles background material for the supervisor.

4. Reads incoming correspondence, publications, regulations, and directives which may affect the office. Determines those that can be acted upon personally and takes necessary action. When necessary, uses initiative to obtain clarification of instructions from originating offices or appropriate focal points. Determines which are of importance or interest to the supervisor and refers them accordingly. In other cases, prepares a digest of contents for assistance of the supervisor. Determines those that affect members and assigned clerical personnel in interpreting instructions and in establishing action required of them. Briefs supervisor on such activity, its results, and status.

Maintains control records on incoming correspondence and action documents and follows-up on work in process to insure timely reply or action.

5. Reviews documents prepared for signature of or requiring coordination by the supervisor for conformation with regulations, grammar, format, and special policies of the organization. Returns such communications to originator for correction when not in conformance with known policies, or when correspondence regulations have not been followed. Maybe required to advise and instruct staff members and clerical personnel to obtain higher degree of compliance with general organization polices and correspondence regulations.

Assists supervisor's staff in the procedural aspects of expediting the work of the office by explaining report requirements, arranging for submission of data to be assembled into general reports, and as required, informs and instructs stenographic and/or clerical personnel concerning procedures for preparation of correspondence.

6. Makes necessary arrangements for travel, arranging schedules of visits, making reservations, notifying organizations and officials to be visited, and submitting travel vouchers and reports.

7. Types into a final form from written materials, brief instructions, and/or voice recordings such data as military and non-military correspondence, narrative and tabulated reports, travel documents, personnel actions, etc., using electric or automated typing equipment. Utilizes the full range of keys, codes, proofing symbols, functions, and applications to develop products into proper format. Proofreads completed work for accuracy in spelling, grammatical constructions and punctuation, and checks to assure presence of necessary enclosures.

Use word processing equipment to produce, store, retrieve, calculate, and merge a variety of documents. Selects software or integrates more than one software type into one project. For example, the candidate may integrate graphics software and word-processing software in the text of a single document. Transmits and receives messages electronically using personal computers or work stations that are networking or linked to other computers or work stations through a central processing unit.

8. Establishes and maintains files; reveiws and disposes of files in accordance with governing regulatory procedures. Maintains ready-reference files of frequently consulted regulations, polices, rosters, directives, and other material. Establishes and maintains lists and registers by various categories or persons or organizations frequently contracted.

9. Tracks office inventory and documents requirements for reordering of required supplies.

10. Ability to lift up to 25lb overhead (ex. IT desktops/laptops/monitors) to assist with IT inventory and turn in process

Job Type: Contract