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Under the general direction of the Superintendent/Revenue and Special Facilities or designee, performs administrative and supervisory duties in Special Populations Program. Directs and promotes independence, social and emotional growth for persons with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities through education, exposure, experience and encouragement in a safe, caring environment during all Special Populations programs. Meets all criteria of the City's policies along with compliance to the policies and procedures of the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities. Develops departmental cost center and budgets, secures and administers grants for the Special Populations programs, supervises and directs therapeutic programming for participants and provides technical and practical assistance to personnel under charge, community and civic groups and other entities that are engaged in the field of Special Education.

Individuals assigned to this classification must report to work per their assigned schedule, which may include nights, weekends and holidays.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.
Plans, organizes, promotes and directs the operations of youth and adult Special Populations' programs and participants in therapeutic programs and activities.
Directs, provides, schedules staff development and/or develops tools for individuals with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities for daily tasks, goals/projects, protection from abuse/neglect/exploitation, positive behavior, dignity and respect, etc.
Directs Florida Medicaid Waiver and General Revenue billing through accurate invoices sent to the City of Cape Coral Finance Department.
Directs staff contacts with Medicaid Waiver Support Coordinators and caregivers in the areas of; billing, behaviors, medications, illness, support plans and absences.
Evaluates assigned personnel for efficiency and effectiveness; initiates personnel actions of hiring, promotion, discipline, termination, training and development; resolves or refers personnel problems or grievances; directs and assigns work to employees that report to them; and provides technical support and guidance in their work activities.
Coordinates volunteers, events, facility rental/use, equipment and building maintenance, in-service training and continuing education opportunities.
Develops policies and procedures for Special Populations staff and participants and ensures that all City and State policies and procedures are followed to provide safe and accessible environments for staff and all participants.
Communicates and meets with caregivers/families to address their individual's personal needs, behaviors, health and concerns.
Performs weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual report duties, e.g., participant reports for state, program evaluations, performance evaluations, cost center evaluation reports, programming goals and objectives for the City and other required disciplines.
Approves and performs considerable accounting and record maintenance activities concerning purchase requisitions, check requests, payroll, incident reports, and contract administration.
Directs providing State of Florida Medicaid Waiver Services for three Life Skills Development Level 3 (Adult Day Training) programs through the Agency for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, adhering to state-mandated regulations and monitoring revenue and expenses.
Transports and assists individuals on community outings.
Ensures the needs, safety and well-being of each individual is being addressed in the areas of person-centered outcomes, medication administration, meal preparation, assistance and feeding, transitioning, and hygiene assistance in the restroom.
Oversees additional programs for private-pay individuals enrolled in Project Independence, Enclaves, After School Happenings, Evening Socials, and Community dances and events.
Prepares and administers budget(s) for assigned program(s) according to established City goals and objectives.
Maintains Board membership of the Guardian Angels for Special Populations 501(c)3 organization and communicates Special Populations' needs to Guardian Angels.
Solicits or oversees solicitation of funding or in-kind donations through Florida services, grants, private industry and other sources of revenue.
Supervises and performs public relations related activities, e.g., public service announcements, calendars, monthly highlights, catalog development and flyers.
Develops new strategies for individuals with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities who are also experiencing a decline in their cognitive skills due to memory impairment or behavioral interventions including individuals who demonstrate aggressive behavior.
Directs and prepares weekly staff meetings. Attends and contributes to division and department meetings.
Speaks at community group functions/meetings to advocate for and inform about individuals with intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities.
May be required to operate a motor vehicle in performance of assigned tasks.
Performs other related duties as required.

Education and Experience
Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Special Education, Therapeutic Recreation, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, or a related field.
Five (5) years of experience working with persons with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities.
Three (3) years of experience supervising a facility-based program for persons with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities.
Licenses or Certifications
Direct Care Core Competencies, obtained within ninety (90) days of providing services.
Zero Tolerance, obtained within thirty (30) days of providing services.
Overview of APD Waiver Provider Requirements, obtained within ninety (90) days of providing services.
First Aid and CPR, obtained within ninety (90) days of providing services.
AIDS/HIV/Infection Control, obtained within ninety (90) days of providing services.
HIPPA, obtained within thirty (30) days of providing services.
Medication Administration and Validation, obtained within thirty (30) days of providing services.
Must possess a valid state driver's license and obtain a valid Florida CDL C-Passenger driver's license within thirty (30) days of hire or promotion.
Familiarity with the Developmental Disabilities Individual Budgeting Waiver Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook.
Familiarity with the annual Qlarant Provider Discovery Review process (formerly Delmarva Foundation, Inc.).
Experience in conflict resolution.


Knowledge of:
Special education and/or therapeutic recreation resources in the areas of intellectual/developmental and physical disabilities.
Applicable public service programs and activities and the promotional needs for executing such efficiently.
The characteristics and needs of the target population of assignment.
All relevant federal, state and local statutes, codes and ordinances, or the means by which to access such.
Principles employed in municipal policy development.
Principles and methods employed in moderate- to long-range planning.
Business English, the application of such to a variety of formats and styles, and editing principles and techniques.
Principles and practices of effective administration, to include directing, planning, evaluating, and organizing.
Effective leadership, supervisory and management principles and techniques.
Principles of accounting and budget development, evaluation, adherence and forecasting.
Report and record maintenance principles and practices.

Skill in:
Budget development and administration.
Written, verbal, electronic, and visual communications for effective expression and clarity.
Use of modern office equipment and various computer programs and applications, to include Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
Organization, prioritization, and time management.
Judgment and decision-making.
Customer service.

Ability to:
Learn City-wide administrative regulations; applicable City-wide departmental policies; Personnel Ordinance and Collective Bargaining Agreements as required to complete tasks and assignments.
Relate to people beyond giving and receiving instructions, to include applying consistent respect, courtesy and tact in considerable public contact, with the media, and/or in delicate or confrontational situations.
Develop and maintain effective working relationships with management, City Officials, subordinate personnel and other departments.
Manage programs and personnel on and off-site and work cooperatively with regulatory agencies.
Evaluate safety and security of facility, employees and participants.
Adapt to performing under frequent deadlines and/or in response to emergencies.
Convey a sense of authority and influence.
Analyze situations quickly and objectively.
Analyze and interpret problems and draw valid conclusions in task processing and prioritization.
Coordinate accurate completion of multiple tasks within established time frames, i.e., moderate to long range planning principles and techniques.
Read and interpret various technical materials, ranging from moderate to complex terminology, associated with job functions.
Exercise sound judgment and make decisions in accordance with established laws, regulations, ordinances, departmental policies and procedures.
Organize and review work for efficient results and accuracy.
Issue, understand and receive both oral and written instructions, and communicate efficiently and effectively in Standard English using language that is appropriate to both the complexity of the topic and the knowledge and understanding of the audience.
Add, subtract, multiply and divide, calculate decimals and percentages; understand and perform advanced mathematical skills, e.g., graphs, tables, profit and loss.
Compare and/or judge the readily observable, functional, or composite characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of equipment, programs or environmental conditions.
Inspect items for proper length, width and shape, and visually read various types of information.