Accounting/Client Account Manager

Palco - Denver, CO3.4

The Accounting Client Account Manager provides the critical link between Palco and its various partners nationwide specializing in the day to day function of their respective programs with critical and comprehensive knowledge of accounting functions. Account Managers are the one-call, one-stop solution to all client needs, questions and issues. AMs are the subject matter experts for the program or programs they support and provide expert-level knowledge to internal and external audiences alike. Account Managers balance their commitment to the company with an unyieldingly attitude of process and programmatic improvement. While still bound by all program rules, guidelines and state and federal law, the AM never fails to consider how a program may be improved in terms of responsiveness, effectiveness and service to vendor and by extension the participant.

AMs are the subject-matter experts (SME’s) in Palco processes and have an acute understanding of the inter-relatedness of company departments in the execution of program responsibilities. This enables the AM to pinpoint bottlenecks and suggest comprehensive solutions by understanding intimately how departments function and how changes in one area affect operations in another.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Possess good phone skills and ability to effectively communicate across all lines of business.

· Fields questions, issues and participant problems reported to program partners and Palco staff.

· Researches issues and coordinates with other Palco departments, when required, to affect a solution.

· Performs daily accounting duties related to program operations, including all tasks associated with processing payroll, filing and reporting required payroll taxes and tax reports, making journal entries, and performing reconciliations

· Ensures compliance of division services with corporate policy, program and contractual guidelines, and federal and state tax and labor laws.

· Take a proactive approach for creating and suggesting resolutions to issues/concerns for clients

& partners.

· Maintains an outcome-oriented, “can-do” attitude; provides timely feedback to partners on issues.

· Embodies the highest degree of customer service in person-to-person, telephone, written, and electronic communication with partners.

· Provides expert level information of the workings of the program across all departmental workflow.

· Is able to break down complex issues into a series of manageable, and outcome-oriented solutions.

· Provides regular and consistent process feedback and evaluation to management in the interest of improving overall delivery of services.

· Is proactive in gathering partner feedback regarding Palco’s program-specific processes.

· Participates in regular round-table discussions with management as to pervasive issues and makes relevant, business-based recommendations for improvement or remediation.

· Create a working file for training materials, issues, suggestions, and all program updates.

· Create meeting agendas, schedule, host conference call, and webinar trainings with management and partners.

· Create a high-level program overview report of the assigned accounts that will be presented on a quarterly basis with the COO.

· Participates in on-site partner training, meet-and-greets, and other activities as scheduled or assigned.

Skills and Attributes

· Communicates effectively with a range of individuals with varying backgrounds, abilities and disabilities and communication styles, using person-centered techniques in all interactions.

· Represents Palco in all interactions with respective clients to which they are assigned.

· Handles difficult or unusual situations with professionalism and discretion.

· Participates in development, training, and other departmental meetings.

· Consults with peers or upper management on complex and unusual problems.

· Applies acquired job skills and company policies and procedures to complete standard tasks.

· Refers to policies and past practices for guidance.

· Have strong analytical skills, decision-making skills, listening skills and problem-solving skills.

· Have strong accounting sills and able to regularly solve/address any issues accurately and timely

Other Essential Traits

· Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

· Must possess basic skills with Adobe, Microsoft Word, Office, PowerPoint, email, and Internet.

· Must be able to exercise tact and discretion under a variety of stressors.

· Must be able to multi-task and meet deadlines.

· Must understand and adhere to Palco’s Core Values.

Education and Experience

· Minimum of an Associates Degree.

· 3 years of customer relations background.

· Accounting/Bookkeeping experience is required.