Director – Strategy & Consulting

Schireson - New York, NY

About The Firm

For about 100 years, the research business has been chugging along in pretty much the same way, doing the same things in the same predictable ways, using the same aging methods and tools, somehow out of sync with a marketplace that's changing at warp speed. Clearly, there's a need for something different.

Schireson Associates is that something. Born in and of the digital information revolution, Schireson was conceived to change the way we make decisions. Today, we are a boutique insights & strategy consulting firm. For more than 20 years, we have been delivering highly differentiated marketing consulting services to a growing community of clients. We endeavor to make research more than an academic exercise that lives in boring presentations. We partner with clients to ask and answer the most strategic and complex business questions through customized, sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our clients are market leaders from a wide range of industries, such as media & entertainment, technology, automotive, financial services, cosmetics and packaged goods. We have deep, on-going relationships with our clients and work to deliver the best possible insights and the highest level of satisfaction.

Our academic backgrounds are varied: from PhDs to BAs; from Ivy League to state schools. Many of us have professional roots in high tech, and our collective previous experience spans music, military service, entrepreneurship, market research, venture capital, investment banking and management consulting.

Our company is growing rapidly, and we are looking for exceptional people to join us.

About You: Your Work Experience and Interests

We are looking to fill a very specific need. As such, we are looking for someone with very precise background and set of skills that involves Strategy, Consulting, and/or Product. If the following doesn't describe you, please take a look at one of our other job openings. You must have at least one of the following backgrounds for this position:

  • 2+ years in a client facing role at a boutique Strategy or Design Consultancy (e.g., IDEO, frog design, etc.)
  • 2+ years in a client facing role at a top Strategy or Consulting company (e.g., McKinsey, Strategy&, etc.)
  • 2+ years at technology companies (startup or established) in a Product or Strategy role
  • 2+ years at an Ad Agency (e.g., McCann, Droga5, etc) in a Strategy role
We also anticipate that you have:
  • 6+ years of work experience with increasing responsibilities in research, management/strategy consulting, digital or product marketing, or business planning
  • A high degree of facility in interpreting complex, ambiguous concepts and distilling them for the client into crisp and insightful narratives
  • Proven examples of the ability to successfully manage multiple projects (and pivot project direction, as needed) with diverse stakeholders and hard deadlines to completion, on time, meeting the client's objectives, and at a high level of quality, with minimal guidance and direction
  • Understanding of the research process (primarily qualitative focus groups/interview moderation + quantification of pervasive themes)
  • A strong work ethic. You will often work with limited supervision and will always be expected to deliver exceptional work. A desire and ability to travel both domestically and internationally
  • Fluency in both consumer and B2B brands – as well as an interest in the disruption and transformations occurring across industries.
  • An extremely high level of proficiency designing slide presentations in Office/Google Docs
You should also be very good at the following:
  • Storytelling and narrative creation
  • Crisp and insightful writing (for executive and client C-Suite audiences)
  • Creating compelling ways to visualize and present information
  • Communicating and bonding with senior executive level clients and research participants
Your Role and Responsibilities

Strategy and Consulting: As a member of the team that delivers marketing strategies to our technology and B2C clients, you will be responsible for key parts of our service delivery doing some or all of the following:

Drive the thinking to determine how we obtain and interpret the voice of the customer to achieve our client's goals

  • Lead and manage the insights process, from scoping to gathering to presenting
  • Drive the thinking to determine how we obtain and interpret the voice of the customer to achieve our client's goals
  • Be on the frontlines in acquiring primary insights by directly engaging with respondents in structured conversations to understand what their needs and opinions are (this includes conducting interviews and focus groups, as well as a fair amount of travel)
  • Ensure that our clients derive compelling insights throughout the process and project
  • Create amazing, thoughtful and clear presentations for our executive level clients and then help deliver them
  • Work on strategic consulting projects with significant client interaction, including report presentation, general relationship building, and ongoing guidance and mentoring
Business & Firm Development: At a small firm like Schireson, everyone plays a role in growing the business and helping us build a world-class firm. You will help by:

  • Maintaining strong relationships with your clients
  • Differentiating Schireson on the quality of our insights and the experience of working with us
  • Help to scope and build compelling proposals for potential new projects
  • Ensure that every deliverable "wows" our clients; including pitching in on projects that you aren't assigned to on a day-to-day basis
  • Help elevate the insights, skills and careers of team members junior to you
What's Important To Us (And, Ideally, To You)

Quality: On the get it right versus get it done scale, we skew more towards "get it right." We'd rather do something 98% right as opposed to getting it 60% right in much less time. But we work under time constraints, so you shouldn't be afraid of pressure to get things right AND on-time.

Curiosity and Intellectual Chops: People at Schireson are smart and intellectually curious. You will find yourself in conversations about music, geo-political events and the best place to get tacos on the road from San Francisco to Fresno. But we also talk about our favorite Excel functions with a nerdy glee, read white papers on the best way to ask questions on a Likert scale (and debate them), and we'll plug away until we find the best way to synthesize 100 charts into one powerful picture. Some of us compete in data mining competitions for fun. We like learning new techniques and would love for you to teach us some new tricks.

Personality: This isn't a typical "corporate" environment and people looking for a big-firm experience should keep on looking. Our offices are very casual and we give our employees virtually unlimited flexibility in scheduling their work. But you should be able to handle that and thrive with the freedom. And everyone at Schireson has a pretty interesting life outside of work; we expect you to, as well. Being well rounded is important because one of our most important recruiting considerations is whether or not we would each be happy getting stuck somewhere with you.