340B Program Coordinator

St. Joseph's / Candler - Savannah, GA3.7

DEPARTMENT: CH - Pharmacy.

The 340B Program Coordinator will report directly to the Director of Pharmacy and the 340B Steering Committee. The coordinator will serve as the primary internal and external program coordinator and liaison for all 340B-related matters. The coordinator will ensure appropriate utilization of the 340B program and compliance with all program requirements. This person will provide oversight and assist the 340B Steering Committee which includes representation from pharmacy, legal, corporate compliance, finance, and senior administration. The coordinator will ensure that policies and procedures are developed and implemented according to both organizational and federal guidelines and are approved by the company legal department. This person will establish consistent policies and procedures for 340B that ensure productivity and efficiency so that long-term management of the program does not hamper operations or create unnecessary costs. The coordinator will provide ongoing training, education, competency, and communication required for the 340B program at the organizational level. The coordinator will monitor and assess 340B guidance and rule changes. The coordinator will be responsible for ensuring HRSA recertification and/or registration is completed within the allowable time frame. This person will develop, execute, and document self-audits. They will serve as the point person and coordinator for all external audits and maintain a current state of \\"audit readiness.\\" The coordinator will be responsible for reviewing and negotiating any new 340B contracts under the supervision of the 340B Steering Committee and senior leadership. The coordinator will be responsible for program enhancement/optimization as it relates to 340B contract pharmacies. The coordinator will track and report program savings on a regular basis. The coordinator will maintain 340B split-billing software integrity and review applicable reports to identify areas for improvement. Through financial analysis the coordinator will strive to recognize the value opportunity of the program. The coordinator will evaluate and implement cost savings opportunities. The coordinator will maximize current 340B business and recognize and evaluate any new business opportunities. The coordinator will evaluate programs/vendors as they relate to the 340B program so as to maximize financial stability. The program coordinator will manage the business side of the 340B program to optimize its profitability by assuring adherence to proper procedures by staff, continuously evaluating contract pharmacies for performance, and analyzing the market for additional opportunities.


Doctorate of Pharmacy is preferred. Masters in Business preferred. 2-3 years of 340B Administration is preferred. 2-3 years of Clinical Pharmacy is preferred. Healthcare and/or 340B auditing experience preferred. Equivalent experience considered.