Housekeeper, EVS

KentuckyOne Health - Lexington, KY (30+ days ago)3.6

Position Summary:
Maintains the Hospital’s environment to be clean, safe and germ free. Displays image of the Hospital by demonstrating courteous and professional behavior towards patients, physicians, visitors, volunteers and other Associates. Follows infection control practices and safety practices in all activities.

Activities include:
Cleaning floors; damp dusting furniture and fixtures; making and cleaning patient beds; cleaning and emptying ash urns and waste receptacles; washing windows, walls, ceilings, vents and lights; changing light bulbs; performing non-routine floor care duties (buffing, shampooing, etc.); inspecting and replace curtains and cubicles; checking and stocking soap and paper supplies; hauling out trash; moving furniture; and using various cleaning equipment, carts and products.

Requires self-discipline to perform work specifically assigned. Requires a display of personal attitude, courtesy and appearance for others to look favorably on the institution (much contact with public). Requires understanding both verbal or written communications and instructions. Must be able to interpret written warnings as posted on doorways and chemicals. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. Requires continuous contact with cleaning solutions.

Adequate conversational English is required in order that the individual be able to take direction from management, understand how to complete job tasks, communicate adequately with patients and co-workers as necessary.

Physical Requirements and Environmental Conditions:
Continuously lift 10 pounds; frequently lift up to 33 pounds from the floor up to seven feet off the floor;
Occasionally lift up to 25 pounds from the floor to waist level;
Constantly push carts using a force of up to 10 pounds;
Frequently push carts using a force of 21 pounds;
Constantly pull carts using a force of up to 10 pounds;
Frequently pull carts using a force of 20 pounds;
Occasionally carrying items of up to 35 pounds for up to 10 feet;
Continuously carrying items of up to 10 pounds for up to 100 feet;
Occasionally carry items of up to 35 pound for up to 10 feet;
Continuously grip products and equipment of various thicknesses using a wide hand span;
Continuously rotate body trunk to clean, load and unload linens and products;
Continuously reach all directions at waist level;
Frequently reach overhead to clean, restock, and empty linen carts;
Continuously stand and/or walk;
Continuously manipulate cleaning equipment and products;
Occasionally climb up to 3 steps off the ground on a ladder;
Frequently bend, stoop, squat, crouch, kneel and balance.