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Floss Bar Inc. - Muskogee, OK


Floss Bar is solving the three key factors why 50% of Americans, across all demographics, are avoiding the dentist: fear, time, and price. Providers work as part of mobile teams anywhere - business offices, co-working spaces, events, conferences - inside the building or outside in vehicle fleets. The model is easily adjusted to fit any state's regulation. Floss Bar gives local practices and providers the opportunity to expand their practice into nearby corporations thus far building their personal patient base.


  • You can work the day and/or become affiliated with us for many events. Those who enter our pool have significant opportunity to gain referrals to their local practice.
  • Dentist will be doing prophies and other preventative services as well as possible minor restorative work. Must have experience in taking digital x-rays, performing whitening, applying an excellent gingival barrier to isolate the gums for patient protection.
  • Everything is already available for the dentist, including Instruments, supplies, billing technology, and a schedule. An electronic chart with medical history is already completed and will be provided, and we send along an operations associate who helps coordinate patients and assists in the set-up and break down of the room.

Compensation - Full Day Pay Guaranteed

  • You are guaranteed to make at least 110% your area average for a dentist.
  • We operate a bit uniquely. As distinct from a temp, if you are the dentist working then you are also the dentist we will bill insurance claims and patient receivables under.
  • You receive all the revenue, pay Floss Bar’s fee, and retain the remainder. If you retain less than the target, we reimburse you. So you are never at risk of losing dollars.
  • This also means you can make above target.


Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $85.00 /hour


  • relevant: 1 year (Preferred)