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TemporaryEstimated: $44,000 - $60,000 a year
Miami Seaquarium Position Opening - Aquarist

Miami Seaquarium is seeking qualified applicants for all levels of aquarists. The basic requirements of the position are listed below. As part of the Aquatics
team, aquarists work with the collection of fish and invertebrates that
showcase the amazing aquatic animals and habitats of Florida.

Minimum requirements:
  • 18 years old and college degree in Marine/Life Science or related field, or commensurate
  • 2+ years experience working as an Aquarist at an accredited animal aquarium or zoo (HC
or AZA) or in a professional animal environment such as an aquaculture
  • Demonstrated knowledge of general fish and invertebrate biology, nutrition, natural history
and behavior.
  • Proven experience with habitat maintenance, animal food preparation & nutrition
requirements, general husbandry practices and animal restraint/capture
  • Demonstrated knowledge of life support system operations and design.
  • Proven experience with performing animal interactions with guests.
  • Demonstrated excellent animal observation and record keeping skills.
  • Demonstrated professional presentation skills.
  • Pass all required department tests, including a swim test.
  • SCUBA certification from an internationally recognized certifying agency.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Ability to recognize and correct normal operational challenges or seek prompt assistance from senior personnel.
  • Possess the characteristics of an Animal Care professional demonstrating competence,
professionalism, teamwork, mutual respect and commitment to the mission of
Miami Seaquarium.

Description of Responsibilities:
An Aquarist at Miami Seaquarium will be responsible for the care and display of marine life living
in exhibits throughout the park as well as being a resource for the Aquarium
Department staff. The primary responsibilities will include working as assigned
in any of the aquarium exhibits or areas. Responsibilities will include, but

are not limited to:
  • Ensuring all work environments are safe and any safety concerns are
reported immediately.
  • Maintain open and professional communication with departments that
interface with the Aquarium Department.
  • Ensure a quality experience and accurate information given during presentations
and guest encounters by active participation and feedback to the team.
  • Function as a team player, showing trust and mutual respect for all
members on the team.
  • Uphold the highest standards of courtesy and conduct.
  • Respond to all animal and operational emergencies as required.
  • Responsible for all tasks in assigned exhibit. Including
keeping up with maintenance and husbandry schedules.
  • Ensure all exhibit and husbandry standards are met every
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of animal care including diets, water
preferences, scientific nomenclature, range, habits, and compatibilities. Apply
this knowledge to the exhibits and animal collection.
  • Assist in training aquarists in all areas of aquarium science and
  • Perform mentoring responsibilities as assigned for new aquarists and
teach them assigned tasks.
  • Assist management with administrative tasks such as scheduling, ordering
supplies and payroll.
  • Participate in exhibit projects such as renovation, repairs or
  • Participate in on site animal procedures and moves.
  • Participate in functions in animal collecting operations both in the
field and in exhibits.
  • Assist in performing basic fish and invert diagnostics and communicate
findings to Veterinarian and Curator.
  • Administer prescribed medical treatments as directed by veterinarian and
  • Perform all necessary life support maintenance and repairs on assigned
  • Apply animal training techniques to improve the health and welfare of
the animal collection, and to meet program needs.
  • Perform roles in animal interactions including Sea Trek and stingray encounters,
ensuring an excellent guest experience and safety.
  • Provide accurate and informative interpretations of animal exhibit to
guests by performing formal and informal discussions and/or tours.
  • Represent Miami Seaquarium at industry conferences by presenting work
that contributes to the aquarium and zoological industry.

All interested applicants, please send resume to: