Evidence and Property Room Technician

City of Minnetonka, MN - Minnetonka, MN

Responsible for coordinating and managing the daily evidence and property function within the Minnetonka Police Department's Evidence and Property Unit with the primary goal of maintaining the "chain of custody" of evidence and property that enters into the control of the police department. Work is performed independently under the guidance and direction of the two detective sergeants.

Directly oversees the "chain of custody" of all evidence and property taken into custody by the police department.
Manages the inventory and storage of incoming items of property in locations that allow for timely retrieval.
Manages and maintains accurate records of all stored property, items that have been destroyed, unclaimed currency, and of evidence that is transported to another agency (i.e., Crime Lab, BCA Lab, Court).
Knows and applies Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) and Hennepin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) Crime Lab standards for packaging and processing biological and latent evidence as well as other types of evidence being submitted for analysis and assures Minnetonka Police employees are adhering to those best practices.
Assists in conducting civilian, employee and suspense file fingerprinting.
Manages and performs task requests made by prosecutors, other authorized law enforcement agencies, court officials and direct police supervisory personnel.
Oversees and coordinates the destruction of firearms and narcotics with appropriate supervision, and with approved site/agencies approved by the chief.
Manages and coordinates the release/disposal of property.
Maintains and purchases equipment, packaging supplies and testing kits.
Obtains criminal history background checks for the release of firearms.
Coordinates official court orders signed by a judge and provides court trial testimony regarding the "chain of custody" as requested.
Conducts searches to determine legal ownership of found/recovered/abandoned property and makes notification to the owner(s).
Complies and participates with official audits of the Evidence and Property Unit.
Coordinates the destruction of drugs with site/agency approved by the chief.
Coordinates studies and research regarding the evidence and property unit including the evidence and property function, its operation, policy and applicable technology.
Notifies the appropriate police supervisory staff regarding police department personnel making errors in the processing, packaging, documentation and/or handling of evidence and property.
Performs other related duties as apparent or assigned.
Accesses various court databases to learn if criminal cases have been resolved and determines if evidence associated to that case can be released or destroyed.
Manages the preservation, storage, and ultimate deletion of digital evidence.
Delivers property for the purposes of criminal analysis to appropriate crime laboratories.

Qualifications: Minimum Qualifications:
Post-secondary coursework in business, office skills, record keeping or a related field OR high school graduate or equivalent with 6 months office experience.
Effective verbal and written communication skills.
Microsoft office computer skills (i.e. Outlook, Excel, Word, Access).
Must be at least 18 years of age.
Valid MN Driver's License.
Must be able to pass police criminal background check.
Desirable Qualifications
Two-year certificate or associates degree in business or related filed.
Experience in record keeping and file maintenance.
Experience in managing inventory.
Experience in handling and management of evidence and property within a law enforcement agency.
Experience working in a criminal justice field.


Knowledge of:
Applicable federal laws, which impact the evidence and property, function.
Applicable Minnesota State Statutes that directly impact evidence and property management.
Applicable local ordinances and policies that address the evidence and property function.
Record keeping and file maintenance systems.
Squad video management system.
OSHA requirements related to the handling, packaging and storage of bio-hazardous materials.
Use and operation of Hennepin County Court Division's database.

Ability to:
Communicate effectively both verbally and in written form.
Work independently and be organized, with excellent documentation and warehousing skills.
Prioritize workload by importance and statutory requirement.
Create effective relationships with other police department staff, city departments, and other law enforcement professionals and related agencies.
Use word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, databases and specialized applicable software.
Demonstrate the desired standard of conduct and work performance including confidentiality and privacy requirements of the department.
Operate a variety of audio and visual electronic equipment and learn new technology, including electronic fingerprinting and mug photo systems, software programs and other related products.
Document to audit standards, "chain of custody" transactions and movements.
Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical performance at all times.
Follow direction provided by authorized police staff and teach and train other police authorized personnel.
Communicate with supervisors on performance issues regarding evidence and property collection, handling, packaging, documentation and requests.

Environmental Conditions:
Office, warehouse and evidence storage environments; exposure to computer screens, dust and molds, bio-hazards (blood, used hypodermic needles and body fluids), firearms, illegal drugs and related chemical agents, edged weapons, flammable agents, disturbing and offensive audio and visual materials.

Physical Conditions:
Work within a highly secured office space with no windows and limited access by other personnel. Sitting, standing, or walking for prolonged periods; lifting, carrying and maneuvering objects weighing up to 50 pounds; may be required to climb, stoop, and kneel in performance of job responsibilities; general manual dexterity; adequate vision, speech, and hearing required; must be able to operate assigned equipment.