Senior Database Administrator

Axelon Services Corporation - Middletown, NJ3.4

Long Term Contract, No Corp. to Corp. or 3rd party

Senior Database Administrator

Additional Details

Roles/Responsibilities • Develop DB Install, Monitoring, Operation Readiness Testing Script to Periodic reviews of database access • Develop DB automation scripts to reduce manual works to improve operation efficiency • Provide Opensources DB DBA support (MySQL/Percona, Maria DB / Galera Cluster, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra ) DB Production support thru client internal standards and processes including security patch management, upgrade certification, DB Backup/recovery and comply with ASPR baseline requirements for Open Source Databases including: MySQL/Percona, Maria DB / Galera Cluster, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, SQLIte, Gnocchi, oslo.db, Elasticsearch, and InfluxDB • Provide DB security compliance and DB Security audit support

Technical Skills and qualifications

  • 5+ year experience in shell scripting for automation on Linux or UNIX platforms
  • Bash, Korn, C shell, and/or Perl scripting is required
  • Experience with Open Source DB technical support experience (MySQL/Percona, Maria DB / Galera Cluster, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, SQLIte, Gnocchi, oslo.db, Elasticsearch, and InfluxDB)
  • Experience with Cloud/Openstack environment
  • Ability to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently
  • Strong written oral and inter-personal communication skills
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent technical education in a directly related area
Overall Purpose: Complex and multi-level application and/or system DBA (database administration) work including development and design of the databases that support our business applications and systems enterprise wide. Roles & Responsibilities: 1) Database configuration, reliability, recoverability, performance, and the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of database software and related components. 2) Provide operational database support for databases on many different DBMS (database management systems) software levels and versions, utilizing a wide variety of DBMS features, on many different operating system platforms for applications of differing complexities, disaster priority, mission critical designation, strategic initiatives, degree of standardization, practices, and usage of third party software. 3) Work with/on advanced featured databases for complex environments for high priority applications. 4) Responsibilities include but not limited to those related to availability, performance, currency, integrity, security, and confidentiality of the database instances, backup/recovery, disaster recovery, replication, growth and disk space utilization. 5) Problem analysis , resolution, configuration files, operating system account /system level schemas, tablespaces, database patches, database upgrades, database compatibilities, database bugs and workarounds, database vendor support process, documentation, release features, enhancements, special features associated with the physical DBMS (such as clusters), applications consultation, SQL tuning and object management, automation, and project implementation activities, such as physical design and installation of database environments. 6) Subject matter expert with ability to knowledge share with the team. 7) Some assignments can b customer facing and may require additional screenings or clearances.