Louisiana Lottery Corporation - Baton Rouge, LA

The Investigator is responsible for ensuring the security of lottery operations and conducting investigations to enforce applicable state laws and regulations pertaining to the distribution and sale of Louisiana Lottery Corporation products.

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Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Assists in the development of regulations to ensure the security of lottery documents, materials, and equipment.
Conducts investigations which may be related to violations of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation Law or violations of the Louisiana Criminal Code. Investigations may be in response to complaints from the public related to sales or claims. May conduct general intelligence investigations or other internal investigations which may arise from allegations or complaints regarding Lottery employees or operations.
Collects evidence and coordinates investigations with appropriate law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local) and district attorney's offices. Works in a cooperative manner with law enforcement and other organizations in order to gather information. Gathers facts through interviews, surveillance, records, research, working with informants, and interviewing victims and witnesses. Verifies accuracy and uses the results of an investigation to use in subsequent actions.
Performs any associated activities necessary to bring investigations to a logical conclusion.
Prepares clear, accurate and complete reports and case records.
Develops strategy on procedures required to conduct investigations and effectively uphold the laws and regulations related to lottery activities.
Visits lottery retailers and regional offices throughout the state to collect materials and perform duties.
Monitors physical facilities through security and computer systems. Conducts audits and studies pertaining to the control of lottery systems, products, and procedures.
Performs on-call duties for drawings.
Performs other duties within the scope of job assignment as required or requested by the supervisor.
Regularly conducts field investigations outside of the office. Investigations may involve travel to any part of the State, overnight travel, and surveillance in all types of weather.

Competitive benefits package available to full-time employees

Salary Range
$32,300 - $48,500

The salary range above reflects pay on an annual basis. A candidate's work experience and education will be considered when making a salary offer.

3 year(s): Experience conducting criminal investigations for federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies with knowledge of criminal law.
3 year(s): Investigative experience involving gambling/gaming or retail operations.
High School or Equivalent or better
Licenses & Certifications
Driver's License
Post Cert. Peace Officer
LLETS Operator Cert
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Leader: Inspires teammates to follow them
Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity
Team Player: Works well as a member of a group
Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well