Northern Light AR Gould Hospital - Presque Isle, ME3.5

Full-timeEstimated: $29,000 - $38,000 a year
GENERAL DESCRIPTION/STATEMENT: The Imaging Secretary is an essential teammember in the Imaging Services Department. Assists with the disposition of records and has many other clericalresponsibilities. The secretary worksclosely with the radiologist, other physicians and providers, varioustechnologists, sonographers, insurance companies, other outside facilities and organizations,and with other departmental staff to accomplish various tasks to ensureefficiencies and accuracy in the provision of quality patient care. This position involves working with complexprocesses and requires a high degree of understanding and comprehension ofmedical processes and medical terminology

1. Requires extensivecustomer service and phone utilization

2. Obtains, verifies and keeps track of patientorders, authorizations, eligibility and other necessary requirements includingtesting prior to imaging services and all associated documents.

3. Proficient atkeyboarding

4. Reviews information in the medical recordincluding; patient records, forms, message center communication

5. Requires interaction with patients of allages, family members, physicians, healthcare professionals, clerical staff,outside offices and entities responsible for insurance coverage

6. Ability toschedule for several different modalities, to include; Mammography, Ultrasound,CT, PET/CT, MRI, Nuclear Imaging, Fluoroscopy and other procedures such asbiopsies, which involves the coordination of other departments.

7. Transmissionof images to outside facilities

8. Needs to stay upto date on preps and protocols for all Imaging modalities

9. Researches MRIpatient device that may/may not be compatible with MRI.

10. Notifies the Financial Guides of estimatedexam prices for all self-pay patients that are waiting to be scheduled.

11. Assists with staff orientation

16. Works in theseapplications: Fluency, Impax, Cerner Millenium Scheduling, Batch ChargeEntry, Charge Viewer, PowerChart/Message Center, Discern Reporting Portal,Siemens OAS Gold / Siemens Document Imaging, DCS Global iPas, iMed and vRad

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs other work-related duties asassigned by Imaging Leadership.

AVAILABILITY REQUIREMENTS: Eight-hour days (mostly Monday thru Friday). Must also be available for evenings, weekendsand Holidays if needed.

1. Preference given to candidates with an Associate's Degree or other technical collegee ducation in health information technology, business management or other healthcare related field. Or, at least 2 years-experience in the healthcare setting.

2. Must have experience working with a computer.

3. De-escalation and workplace violence trainingwill be completed at hire prior to release from orientation.

1. Sitting. 2 - 8 hours/day.

2. Standing. 4 - 7 hours/day.

3. Walking. 4 - 7 hours/day

4. Lifting. 20 lbs with good body mechanics.

5. Twisting. Frequently, many twists/day.

6. Bending. Moderate to frequent bends throughout the day.

7. Squatting/Kneeling. 1 - 4 hours/day.

8. Endurance. Moderate energy requirements.

9. Wrist Position. Extensive deviation.

10. Pinching. Frequent, 130 - 480 pinches per day.

11. Hand/Wrist Repetitions. Most of the time, every day.

12. Manual Dexterity. Frequent fine motor skills required.

13. Either Handedness. 70%- 100% of job cycle time.

14. Both Handedness. 70%-100% of job cycle time.

15. Sight. Requires corrected 20/20 near vision and minimal far vision.

16. Hearing. Can hear whispered voice at eight (8) feet (FAA class II).

17. Speech. Frequent clear speaking ability required.

18. Exposure to Infection. Low.

1. High/Low Temperature. Work environment 65 - 80?F.

2. Noise. Slight, occasionally fairly loud sounds.

3. Working with Others. Close association is frequent and comprises amajor portion of the job.

4. Confined Spaces or Cramped Body Positions.Work in cramped confined spaces very occasionally.

5. Body Injuries. Slight likelihood of significant traumaticinjury - deep cuts, fractures or permanent disabling injuries.

6. Moving Objects. Slight likelihood of significant injury frommoving objects.

7. Toxic Conditions. Slight likelihood of exposure to toxicconditions.

8. Working with Others. Great, association is frequent and comprisesa major portion of the job.

9. Role Ambiguity. Slight, rarely is it not clear what othersexpect of the worker.

1. Problem-Solving Skills. Frequent problem-solving skills required.

2. Judgment/Assessment.Continuously assesses situations and determines corrective actions needed.

3. Reading/Comprehension.Must be able to read and comprehend greater than Grade 12 level ofinstructions.

1. Composure Under Working Conditions(including demanding, and/or rude, residents/staff/visitors). Must remain calm and exercise self-control inworking relationships with patients, staff, and visitors.

1. Willingness to work cooperatively isnecessary.

2. Strong public relations and customersatisfaction motivation.

3. Respect for fellow employees, supervisors,and medical staff.