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Want to love what you and where you work? Then check us out! We are Jelea Enterprises DBA Great Clips and we have 5 salons in the Buffalo area including Depew, Williamsville, East Amherst, Amherst and Hamburg/Blasdell.

We work hard and have fun, support and celebrate each other's successes, build friendships as well as careers, innovate to be the industry leader and give back by doing good things in our communities.

Here’s what our current employees have to say about working in our salons!

H.G. (employee for 3 years):

I like working for great clips because it’s like family. I also love working for great clips because of the great tips. Great Clips=great tips

M.B. (employee for 9 years):

What I like best is the atmosphere and the many ways to increase my pay.

J.W. (employee for 2 years):

It is the greatest feeling to go to a salon and know that you are working for a family and salon that cares about you and appreciates you.

H.I. (employee for 1 year):

I get to do what I love doing every day in a comfortable, well managed environment.

C.H. (employee for 8 years):

I’ve been working for Jelea Great Clips for 8 years and I love it. I’m not a chemical service girl, cutting has always been my favorite. Great Clips provides me with just that, and it works for me. Fast paced with a steady flow of customers. I work for good people, with good people and that’s important to me. Of course I like making money!

G.R. (employee for 2 years):

I’d say the best thing about working for great clips is the consistent opportunity for money and to continue to improve my skill and product knowledge with the free education they offer, and not having to compete for customers. Also you’re part of something bigger working for great clips, meaning not only do we have our “family” inside our salon and franchise family but we have a sense of community across America in all the great clips.

K.B. (employee for 6 years):

I like knowing who I work for as opposed to a corporation. I also like the ease of the clip notes.

C.L. (employee for 5 years):

I very much enjoy working for a flexible and fun company with many opportunities!

W.B. (employee for 2 years):

Great Clips is a place where you can come in without having any clientele of your own. You are guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the week, but not only your hours, but the tips that can be made will many times double the hourly pay if not more.

M.C. (employee for 5 months):

What I like about working with Jelea is that they offer a recognizable brand-Great Clips-for haircuts. I love the variety of the haircuts requested. It helps me to hone my haircutting skills. It’s the best of working for both a family and a corporate company regarding the structure offered.

R.W. (employee for 2 years):

I love working at great clips because the franchise owners know how to treat their employees with care and I love making people feel beautiful while putting smiles on their faces after they see their haircut.

AP (employee for 5 years):

I love the great incentives that are given out at staff meetings for hitting your goals. I also enjoy making our customers our number one priority and given them a great haircut that they love.

M.H. (employee for 5 years):

I love the fast paced exciting work atmosphere. I also enjoy working as a team with great employees.

D.S. (employee for 7 months):

I’m not sure how to word it, but I absolutely love the personal experience. I previously worked for a corporation, and there was no personal level at all, it was just numbers.

T.B. (employee for 3 years):

I enjoy my Great Clips co-workers and the Great Clips notes that are on the computer that help me be a better stylist and communicate with the customer.

J.T. (employee for 7 years):

Well the thing I like most about working at great clips is we feel like a family. I don’t feel like I am a number there. I feel like I am a valuable employee.

M.S. (employee for 8 years):

I enjoy the variety of clientele and the opportunity to meet new people. Plus the flexibility of my schedule.

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  • NYS Cosmetology License (completed or in progress)