Park & Recreation Ranger 9 - Milliken State Park

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Job Description
The function of this position is to participate in the daily operation of Milliken State Park and Harbor facilities. Providing a wide assortment of outdoor recreational opportunities and containing 52 boating slips, The position requires a DNR Law Enforcement Commission. The employee shall assist the unit manager in various administrative tasks as delegated. The employee shall provide oversight and direction to operational and maintenance duties. The employee shall regard safety as a personal responsibility and respect the safety of other employees and the public; expeditiously report any hazards, unsafe conditions of procedures to his/her supervisor; expeditiously report all job-related accidents and injuries to his/her supervisor, even if he/she does not seek medical attention. Employee will wear proper personal protective equipment and always perform job duties in a safe manner, and coordinate with his/her supervisor before starting or continuing a job which he/she is uncertain how to complete safely. Applicants/employees must obtain passing physical fitness test certificate. *The fitness test is administered by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement (MCOLES).

Required Education and Experience
Educational level typically acquired through completion of high school.

Three years of park and recreation experience, including one year equivalent to a Park and Recreation Ranger E8.

Alternate Education and Experience
Completion of at least 8 semester (12 term) college credits in natural resources, park management or outdoor recreation may be substituted for one year of experience as a Park and Recreation Ranger-E.

Completion of at least 15 semester (22 term) college credits in natural resources, park management or outdoor recreation may be substituted for two years of experience as a Park and Recreation Ranger-E.

Additional Requirements and Information

To be considered for this position you must first schedule and pass an MCOLES physical fitness test or have passed the MCOLES physical fitness test within the last 6 months.

Information regarding scheduling a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) physical fitness test is available on their website at,1607,7-229-147713-,00.html.

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Information provided in your application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any other documentation provided will be used to verify responses to the supplemental questions. Unsupported responses may not be considered further.

If applicable, you must attach an electronic and/or scanned copy of your official college/university transcripts. For our purposes, "Official Transcripts" must contain the college/university name and address, the degree conferred and date granted, coursework completed (especially if no degree granted), and the Registrar's signature and/or seal. Your application for any position does not guarantee that you will be contacted by the Department/Agency for further consideration. Only those applicants interviewed will be notified of the results.