School Social Worker

Catapult Learning - Bloomington, IL3.6

School Social Worker in a state-approved nonpublic special education school. Applicant must hold a Type 73 license with the Illinois State Board of Education.

Case Management

Fulfill case management functions such as collecting necessary paperwork and releases for students
Communicate with families – including communication around attendance and any other necessary concerns or progress.
Work with director to prevent and address truancy, attendance issues.
Communicating with outside providers and treatment teams.
Referring to outside agencies
Billing for services as requested by the school district.
Support during student crisis situations
Review and sign all incident reports
Keep all contacts for providers up to date in student electronic records
Collect discharge summaries for any student who is hospitalized psychiatrically
IEP/ Special Education Roles/ Tasks

Developing IEP goals and objectives for social, emotional, and behavioral needs
Developing present levels of performance on IEP for social, emotional, and behavioral needs
Developing Needs section of IEP for social, emotional, and behavioral needs
Completing quarterly IEP Progress Reports for all social work goals
Conduct FBAs as needed for BIP development
Develop BIPs for every student as needed
Group and Individual Services

Providing proactive clinical interventions in session – focus on solutions, development of coping skills, and regulation skills..
Running a social skills group – submit lesson plans to director weekly or monthly (based on preference of director and SSW).
Documenting interactions with students (individual sessions, crisis, group, communication with parents and providers) in case notes.
School/Classroom Support

Providing consultation to classroom staff regarding behavior management techniques and crisis situations
Collaborating with classroom staff to hear feedback on areas of classroom struggles that could be addressed in group or individual sessions
Creating school community activities to create a sense of belonging (quarterly assemblies, community/charity projects, in-school field trips/presentations).
Conduct classroom observations on all students, especially those who are struggling and especially prior to implementing any additional incentive plans
Developing incentive plans for students who need support above what the level system provides
Classroom-level incentive plans if a classroom gets in a rut
Professional Presence

Present at morning check-in as much as possible to create a sense of welcome and gauge emotional state of students.
Assisting concretely at close-out to create a professional persona that will garner respect, especially when the director is out
Assisting with periodic PDs to create a view of themselves as resources and support in staff morale/care
Role-modeling professional behavior and dress.
Attending necessary trainings to build one's toolbox of resources and knowledge.
Fostering a sense of positivity through a frequent presence throughout the building.
Community Engagement

Assisting with PR through articles/activities/possible educational presentations at community organizations.
Connecting the school to outside agencies when possible through activities.
Must possess an Illinois Type 73 license. Must have knowledge of the IEP process. Exerience in a special education setting is strongly preferred.

Must have demonstrated ability to communicate with students, families and school personnel. Must posses excellent time management, organizational, verbal and written communications skills are essential. Computer literacy preferred.