Product Specialists

Joe Romeos - Mount Morris, PA

Full-timeEstimated: $34,000 - $50,000 a year
Candidate must be friendly, motivated, possess strong communication skills and be eager to learn product knowledge. Must have a valid driver's license. Vacation pay, 401k and insurance

available! Call us at (800) 633-2556 for details.

Honda Product Specialists daily responsibilities:
Greet customers as they arrive

Provide product support by answering any questions customers may have about Honda products

Assist customers in locating and choosing the right product

Demonstrate product features & provide product information as well as sell vehicles to customers

Create and implement sales strategies to meet self and company targets

Solicit sales from existing customers & potential internet leads and develop new customer base.

Identify and implement new methods of determining sales growth

Promote products and special offers on social media sites

Perform responsibilities of communicating to customers in person, phone, and mail as well as maintain a prospect development system

Build a good relationship by making each sale personal (i.e. calling them on birthdays, car anniversary, etc.)

Attend continuous sales training and meeting sessions to increase the prospect of sales

Handle the tasks of introducing customers to the Service Department to make customer aware of the quality and efficiency of the dealership's service operations

Job Type: Full-time

Application Questions
Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?

Do you have the following license or certification: Driver's License?