Algebra 1 Teacher

Empower Community High School - Aurora, CO


Job Description

Title: Founding Algebra 1 High School Teacher

Apply By: June 25th

Location: Aurora, CO

Our Why? Transformative Resistance of Systems of Oppression.

Start Date: July 1st, 2019


The world is ours.


Authentic Education: led by students, co-created with community, and guided by educators.






A Little Background:

Starting in October 2017, a Community Design Team of students, families, educators, and community members met bi-monthly to design an innovative school for the community and by the community. Empower Community High School holds as its vision that our students will claim their rightful place as agents of change, growth and social progress. The world is ours, and we must educate and foster the scholars, writers, artists and innovators who will build a just and equitable world. Your task is to co-create and sustain a transformative school culture with students, educators, community partners, and families.

Apply at if the following questions excite you!

  • How can I live and breathe a Liberatory Pedagogy?
  • How can I foster scholarship and innovation in the field of Mathematics with the express purpose of building a just and equitable world?
  • How can I use my extensive content knowledge to link Mathematics, culture, and community to social progress?
  • How can I teach core content while developing the capacity in students to engage in transformative resistance?
  • How can I ensure and maintain a practice of Authentic Education?
  • How can I enforce school practices that honor cultural differences and protect the dignity of every student and teacher?
  • How can I inspire self-discipline?
  • How can I use pedagogical philosophy to guide instructional strategies that create a sense of belonging for students, educators, families, and community partners?
  • How can I use data to search for and treat root causes rather than symptoms (of both failure and success)?
  • How can I perpetually deepen the quality of my learning and instruction?

Traditional Math curriculum in the K-12 system is taught from a Eurocentric and patriarchal lens. We serve a very diverse group of students, many of whom are members of an immigrant community. It is imperative that our students discover the importance of their “place” in American society throughout their time at ECHS.

Ideal Candidate:

The Algebra 1teacher encourages students to critically engage with the world through a Mathematics lens by using a variety of texts, current events, historical and other media to develop students' capacity for transformative resistance.

Key Skills & Mindsets:

  • Critical Consciousness
  • High School Algebra 1 content expertise
  • Teaching experience in a school or community-based organization
  • Creative instructional practices incorporating critical pedagogy
  • The ability to support project based learning
  • Highly reflective/open to try different things and learn from “failure”
  • Commitment to decolonized mindsets and practices
  • Commitment to reading and deepening knowledge of content and educational practice
  • Demonstrably high social-emotional intelligence quotient

Education and Licensure

  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Holds a Colorado teaching license or is currently eligible for one with the appropriate endorsement for this position
  • A completed Human Resources file including transcripts, student teaching verification, previous work experience
  • Condition of Employment: As a condition of employment, the individual selected for this position will be expected to complete the APS-sponsored Linguistically Diverse Educator (LDE) Certificate Program within the first three years of employment. (Contingent upon our waivers)

This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between Empower or Aurora Public Schools and the employee and is subject to change as the needs of the District, ECHS, and requirements of the job change. Empower Community High School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Position is subject to APS policy, rules, and regulations.

People of color encouraged to apply

How to apply and learn more about us? - Fill out the application form on our website.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year