Laundry Attendant/ Nights/Weekends

Daly Seven Inc - Danville, VA4.0

The laundry operation is a priority area which should be staffed with a knowledgeable, well-trained attendant. This is a key position where profits are frequently lost. Correct laundry procedures will reduce utility bills, electricity for hot water and dryers, cost of supplies, laundry detergent, bleaches and softeners, as well as costly repair bills on the laundry equipment. We are looking for serious hard working individuals that take pride in all aspects of their work. If you are looking for a part time job with the potential of full time hours we need you! This position is for a laundry worker that must be available to work evening/nights and weekends. A team player is a must, you are part of a team at Courtyard and this is a requirement not an option!

The job description for this position is only a general summary of the duties the laundry attendant may be required to perform. It may be necessary to perform other duties which are not listed below:

Be on duty at time specified by head housekeeper or manager. Dress should be appropriate uniform with name tag worn.
Help strip linens from rooms to begin washing
Sort linens – put no more in laundry equipment than recommended per load
Presoak all stained linens and hold for last load of day
Use only the brand and amounts of laundry products specified by management. Report low inventory to head housekeeper or manager
Wash white linens on hot. Duvets are to be washed in cold water only
Clean dryer tops and lint vents as often as needed during the shift and at the end of shift. Keep lint from gathering around dryer drum. Clean dryer backs and vents
Clean inside and outside of washers at end of shift
Fold linens as specified
Wash shower curtains and bedding as they are brought to the laundry. Do not allow to accumulate for long periods of time
Sweep floor at each of each day. Mop when needed.
Keep linen storage area locked.
Do not leave machines running at end of work day.
Do not pile soiled linen on the floor
Hang dry shower curtains.
No smoking in Laundry Room
Always be on the alert for any potential safety hazards and report them to the manager in writing. Each employee is a part of the hotel security team. Employee must be able to lift, bend, stoop, and go up and down stairs. Employee must be able to lift up to 30 pounds. Employee required to seek assistance if unable to lift or move an item over 30 pounds.