Plate Operator

Wilsonart - Temple, TX3.7

Wilsonart, Temple, Texas, currently has an opening for a Plate Operator. This individual will operate the plate lift, separates pressed laminate, and stacks the material. Lays up the treated decorative and core material under direction of the Back-Up Operator/Press Operator/Foreman. Performs other tasks as needed.

Essential Job Duties:
Retrieves and positions tables of component material to be laid up for the production process
Inspects component material, plates, and completed laminate. Records rejects
Lays up the component material and lays off completed laminate according to the production process
Operate console in break out area
Handles the movement of stainless steel plates, carrier plates, thermal wire and completed laminate
Identify the different plate finishes
Initiates corrective action if production operations are not to standard
Transfers the thermal wire board, insert the thermal wires and attaches to posts
Logs production information such as: material produced, type, size, run, control settings, etc
Moves the pressed material to the Sander Department
Retrieves corestock from corestock department and tables from sanding department.
Performs lock-out/tag-out procedures and preventative maintenance checks
Participates in the Wilsonart Continuous Improvement system

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Knowledge of safety standards applicable to the work area and other pertinent rules/regulations governing work standards.
Knowledge of basic mathematics sufficient to add and subtract
Skill in hand and eye coordination
Skill in operating a lift truck
Ability to work as a team member
Ability to identify patterns and finishes
Ability to visually detect product imperfections and defects
Ability to monitor machine operations

High school diploma and or a GED, plus one year of relevant experience.

Continuous physical exertion is required, such as walking/pushing/climbing and lifting material or equipment of heavy weight 50-100 lbs.

Position consists of working rotating shift work to include week-ends.