Clinical Dietitians

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Our organization is in need of Dietitians to oversee the nutritional well-being of our clients.


Clinical Dietitian's provide institutions with evidence-based medical nutrition therapies and food service and nutrition consultancy in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations as applicable to the setting. Dietitians offers nutrition consultation and education for patients and their families who are screened at nutrition risk, identified with nutrition risk, and/or referred by physicians or other healthcare providers for nutrition-related problems, chronic disease management, management of nutrition support, to meet regulatory requirements, or for prevention and wellness. Thy provide patients of varying acuity levels including management of enteral nutrition initiation and advancement when delegated authority by the primary service, per the nutrition related protocols.

Dietitians work independently and perform business and supervisory functions, such as management of resources in a cost-effective manner, and participates in compliance and quality performance improvement efforts to ensure nutrition care is safe and effective. A Dietitian is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team, is involved in education of physicians, residents, and other health professionals as requested via lectures and in-service opportunities and team conferences and contributes to the development and revision of organizational policies and guidelines.

Major Responsibilities

Patient Care
Nutrition Assessment
Nutrition Intervention
Nutrition Monitoring & Evaluation
Documentation, Education, and continuation of Care
Regulatory and Statutory Compliance
Community Outreach
Performance Improvement
Continuous Professional Improvement
Major Duties

Develop nutrition plans and implement interventions based on knowledge of patient's current health
Complete monthly, quarterly and yearly assessments of clients and adapt nutrition plans needed
Implement personalized, age-specific and culturally appropriate nutrition strategies
Deliver client nutrition recommendations to physicians, nurses and aides
Provide nutritional education and counseling for patients and family members
Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of the Nutrition Care Process and ability to apply all steps.
Comprehensive knowledge, application of medical nutrition therapy, human behavior and techniques for effecting behavior change.
Comprehensive knowledge and application of nutrition support services.
Critical thinking to integrate facts, informed opinions, active listening, and observations.
Decision making, problem solving and collaboration.
Excellent counseling skills and ability to relate to a multi-ethnic community and varied learning levels.
Strong interpersonal skills to establish productive working relationships with multidisciplinary team and support services.
Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal form to patients, pubic, medical staff, and physicians.
Ability to organize tasks and function independently.
Ability to counsel and motivate others, as individuals and as a group.
General knowledge of nutrient analysis word processing, spreadsheet, and professional presentation software.

B.S. Degree in Dietetics or Food and Nutrition from an accredited university.
Current Licensure in Maryland as a Dietitian/Nutritionist.
A minimum two years experience in clinical dietetics in a health care facility.
Knowledge of food service management desirable.
Current knowledge of nutrition therapy.