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A NACA Counselor (“Counselor”) can be either a Housing Counselor (“HC”) or Mortgage Counselor (“MC”).The expectation is that one would begin as a HC and become an MC within six months of employment. The exception would be in the Charlotte Counseling Center where conversion to an MC is not required. A NACA Counselor provides comprehensive, individual, face-to-face housing counseling services in a local NACA office or by phone and video conferencing from the Charlotte Counseling Center to Members in NACA’s Purchase Program. The focus is on low and moderate income and minorities who have been locked out of affordable homeownership. The Counselor helps homebuyers overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from purchasing a home. This consists of individual counseling to qualify for NACA’s Best in America mortgage.The Counselor must be an advocate who provides comprehensive counseling and affordable outcomes. Additional counseling is provided to homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage through NACA’s HomeSave program.

NACA is likely the only job in the counseling and mortgage industry where an employee can provide many low and moderate-income borrowers and those locked out of affordable homeownership with an incredible mortgage while earning considerable income.The NACA mortgage and homeownership program are so superior that they require minimal marketing efforts. NACA provides an instant pipeline of homebuyers without the need to generate leads which allows the Counselor to be dedicated to counseling Members and in securing the NACA Mortgage.

The HC is the Member’s primary point of contact through NACA Qualification while adhering to NACA’s established requirements. The MC, who is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, continues to be the primary point of contact through bank application and assists the Member through closing.The Counselor essentially manages his/her own pipeline of Members while working within the underwriting guidelines for NACA’s Best in America mortgage. S/he ensures effective and timely communication, explaining and requesting necessary documents, determining readiness for homeownership and an affordable mortgage payment.The Counselor also works with the Member to address and improve their financial management.

The Counselor maintains a professional demeanor and provide outstanding customer service at all times. The Counselor educates the Member on their next steps at each stage of the process and utilize problem solving skills and excellent budget guidance in order to provide sound counseling, and help the Member overcome obstacles. S/he must be able to work independently with Members. The Counselor must also have the ability tomanage time effectively without procrastinating or avoiding tasks and must complete effective counseling sessions within specified time limits in an accurate manner, prioritizing ready Members and effectively managing their pipeline with a full calendar and timely communication with Members.

When a Member decides to seek the NACA mortgage product, only the MC can assist them in securing a NACA mortgage or engage in other mortgage origination activities or issues regarding a mortgage application for a specific property. The NACA Mortgage Department is primarily responsible for processing and closing the loan including addressing lender conditions, obtaining title and homeowners insurance.The MC can assist in addressing conditions and other activities to facilitate the Member in a timely manner without conflicting with the Mortgage Department’s activities.

The HC position does not require a Mortgage Loan Originator (“MLO”) license when beginning employment. The HC hired in a local NACA office other than the Charlotte Counseling Center is expected to transition to a MC within six (6) months of employment. A HC in the Charlotte Counseling Center can become a licensed MLO (MC) but it is not a job requirement. In such a transition, NACA will reimburse a HC who becomes a MC the cost of a continuing education course, a federal and state test fee, and clearing a fingerprint and a background check to become licensed through NMLS. The MC compensation is significantly higher than a HC.


The Counselor provides comprehensive housing counseling to pre-approve a homebuyer for the NACA Mortgage or other mortgages (“NACA Qualification”). The Counselor utilizes NACA’s state-of-the-art CMS software called NACA-Lynx providing paperless housing counseling and mortgage processing.Also the Member is provided with their own Web-file for uploading documents, data inputting, status updates and much more. Through NACA-Lynx the Counselor makes an assessment of the Members readiness for homeownership with a realistic purchase price for their desired area and works with the Member to become NACA Qualified. This requires full documentation based on NACA’s policies and procedures. For some Members, this can be achieved quickly while for others it may take several months or more.The Counselor essentially underwrites the Member based on NACA’s character based and compensating underwriting policies. A NACA Underwriter in the Mortgage Department or Director of the local office reviews the Counselor’s determination to make the final decision on whether the Member should be NACA Qualified or requires additional counseling or documentation. The specific job responsibilities include the following:

  • Understand the Member’s motivation to become a homeowner and provide clear direction.
  • Work with Members to improve their financial management.
  • Work with NACA’s software to accurately complete documentation and data entry for efficient and paperless qualification.
  • Write narrative analyses and action plans to document next steps after each counseling session.
  • Qualify Members by reviewing payment history, liabilities and other credit information.
  • Work with Members to develop an affordable budget and address budget issues.
  • Work with Members to save minimum required funds to make the home purchase.
  • Work with the Member to calculate a monthly surplus to demonstrate that the Member can afford the mortgage payment and maintain the property over the long term.
  • Examine and process documents, addressing issues as needed.
  • Determine readiness for homeownership based on NACA Qualification criteria: eligibility, readiness, affordability, funds and compliance.
  • Determine a maximum affordable mortgage payment and purchase price.
  • Address NACA Qualification conditions (if any) within 24 hours.
  • Educate the Member about alternative mortgage products or solutions.

Mortgage Origination (limited to MC):

  • Stay in contact with the NACA Qualified Member to ensure the Member maintains the parameters under which they were NACA Qualified while searching for a property, and updates the file accordingly.
  • Assist Members during the housing search to purchase a home in his/her desired community.
  • Provide property specific letters
  • Review and process Member’s application for NACA Credit Access (i.e. meets the underwriting criteria).
  • Submit Member’s mortgage application.
  • Fulfill tasks that require origination licensing (discuss change of circumstances, loan updates, etc.).
  • Assists the Member through closing as appropriate to facilitate the mortgage process.

Advocacy in support of NACA’s Mission:

Employment with NACA requires on-going participation in NACA’s advocacy, outreach, community organizing, and other activities as determined by NACA. S/he needs to support and defend the organization’s philosophy, tactics and advocacy. Such participation in and support of NACA’s confrontational advocacy campaigns and other activities is important in achieving NACA’s mission of advocating for economic justice and expanding NACA’s best in America homeownership program. While these activities may impact Performance Pay compensation, they are crucial for NACA’s continued success and for meeting NACA’s mission.

Other Activities:

  • Present Qualification/Home BuyerWorkshops.
  • Assist in outreach focused on low/moderate income communities, churches and job sites.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Approximately 45 to 50+ hours weekly and as necessary to meet the demands of the job. Typical working hours are: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays, a late night(s), plus approximately a half-day two weekends every month for the Qualification/Homebuyer Workshops and/or counseling. Other than required additional time, voluntary overtime is approved based on the Counselor’s productivity and counseling demands with more flexibility provided to MCs. During NACA’s Events (which are usually five days each including weekends) and other campaign activities, the Counselor may be required to work increased hours at NACA’s sole discretion.


The compensation consists of the Base Pay, Performance Pay and Monthly Bonus. NACA does not permit any NACA staff to charge the Member or others for any service provided, nor to add any product to the loan or do anything else to increase compensation.The Base Pay provides a minimum “cash-flow” each pay period to compensate for outreach, NACA’s advocacy campaigns and other activities that may reduce the time available for obtaining Performance Pay. Compensation for events, which the Counselor may be required to participate, may be different than that stated herein as determined in NACA’s sole discretion.Performance Pay is paid if the Counselor is actively employed at the time the Member closes on their NACA Mortgage. The Monthly Bonus is paid if the Counselor is actively employment at the end of the month of the monthly bonus period.

Performance Pay is significantly higher for Targeted Members who are low and moderate-income individuals or purchasing in low-moderate income communities. NACA focuses on Targeted Members who need the NACA program the most since they are often overlooked, exploited or rejected by lenders.NACA is committed to providing at least 70% of its mortgages to low and moderate income individuals and communities.

  • Targeted Members: Members whose income is less than 80% of the median income in the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (“MSA’s”) area where the Member purchases.
  • Targeted Areas: Properties in a census tract where the tract medium family income percentage is less than 80% of the MSA.
  • Non-Targeted Members: Members who are not Targeted Members or purchasing in a Non-Targeted Area, cannot purchase a property which cost exceeds the Maximum Acquisition Cost for the area.

Mortgage Counselor:

The total compensation is structured so a MC can earn an overall compensation from $60,000 to $100,000+. This expectation is based on 5 to 10+ closings a month.

Development Period:

Newly hired MCs (i.e. with a MLO license) will be paid a Base Pay of $15 per hour during the first sixteen weeks of employment in addition to receiving the MC performance pay outlined below.

Base Pay:

Hourly wage rate of $8.00, greater if required by law, plus any overtime (“Base Pay”).

Performance Pay:

Complete Process - Closed NACA Mortgage being counseled and qualified by MC from initial intake through closing:

  • Targeted Member: $850 per Closed NACA Mortgage (less payment to another Counselor).
  • Non-Targeted Member: $400 per Closed NACA Mortgage (less payment to another Counselor).

Partial Process- Closed NACA Mortgage initially qualified by another Counselor with housing search and mortgage processed by the MC:

  • Targeted: $350 per closed NACA Mortgage.
  • Non-Targeted Member: $250 per closed NACA Mortgage.

Monthly Bonus Payment(must be actively employed at completion of bonus month):

  • Closes seven (7) or more Members with the NACA Mortgage with a Complete Process;
  • At least seventy percent (70%) or more are Targeted Members; and
  • Adhere to NACA’s policies.


  • $100 for each NACA Qualified Member closed that month.

Housing Counselor:

The total compensation is structured so a HC can earn an overall compensation from $45,000 to $60,000+.

Base Pay:

Hourly wage rate of $15.00, greater if required by law, plus any overtime (“Base Pay”).

Performance Pay:

The HC initially NACA Qualifies the Member, the Member was not re-qualified by another Counselor, and the Member executes a Purchase & Sales contract within six months of the NACA Qualification and subsequently closes on that property with a NACA Mortgage.

  • Targeted Member: $250 per NACA Qualified Member(per NACA Qualified & closed loan).
  • Non-Targeted Member: $150 per NACA Qualified Member (per NACA Qualified & closed loan).

Monthly Bonus Payment(must be actively employed at completion of bonus month):

  • Closes seven (7) or more Members with the NACA Mortgage with a Partial Process;
  • At least seventy percent (70%) or more are Targeted Members; and
  • Adhere to NACA’s policies.


  • $50 for each NACA Qualified Member closed that month.

Performance Requirements:

The Counselor is required to NACA Qualify a minimum of eight (8) Members a month with the majority to Targeted Members. If this requirement is not met, the Counselor would be subject to performance or disciplinary action including but not limited to termination.

The Counselor is required to provide comprehensive counseling that improves a Member’s financial management including: increased savings, decreased debt, improved credit score, improved payment history, on-time rental payments after history of missing payments (thereby stabilizing current housing situation), or stopping over drafting after a history of NSF fees. These are some of the basics of good counseling that NACA monitors.This is required for all the Member s/he counsels regardless of whether they are NACA Qualified or eventually close on a property.The HC is not to work with Members once they have identified a property or in the mortgage process in violation of mortgage licensing requirements.

NACA grades the Counselor’s counseling and submissions, obtains Members surveys, and other evaluations. Performance Pay may be reduced, eliminated or shared as determined by NACA in its sole discretion. This includes but not limited to: poor grades, issues identified by Member surveys, shared work, poor/ineffective counseling, inaccurate or incomplete submissions, missing timelines, did not adhere to NACA’s policies and procedures, or meet other requirements or metrics.


S/he is expected to have all of the following personal characteristics and professional experiences:

  • Communication: Works effectively with Members and NACA staff with ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing– with the utmost sensitivity to confidentiality and a “need to know” work ethic.Is an educator who appropriately persuades and influences, and who readily shares information or knowledge needed by others.
  • Organizational Skills: Able to prioritize, schedule and handle a fast-paced, challenging workload.Keeps multiple tasks moving toward completion including working with tickler lists and other electronic reporting and tracking mechanisms.
  • Professional Skills: Detail oriented and well organized, ability to work under pressure, ability to work independently with only general supervision, and strong problem-solving skills. Understanding of his/her own strengths and weaknesses as well as when to seek assistance.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrates professionalism internally and externally. Adheres to direction as presented by management, performs all job duties as assigned, adjusts to changes on short notice, works diligently to achieve goals, takes responsibility for own actions/work product, and implements plans for self-improvement.
  • Customer Service: Provides effective solutions and follow-up with Members and others. Has a highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as strong interpersonal skills, to provide top-level customer focused services at all times. Able tounderstand, anticipate and address customer needs and handle customer concerns in a sensitive and professional manner.
  • Time Management: Arrives ready to work at the scheduled hour, uses time effectively, does not procrastinate or avoids tasks, and completes assigned duties within specified time limits in an accurate manner.
  • Positive Leadership: Leads and influences others by example. Takes pride in his/her job, open to new ideas, and demonstrates a “can do” attitude particularly when challenged by obstacles.Creates and supports a positive work environment.
  • Computer Skills: Strong data entry and typing skills with ability to work with NACA’s software to accurately complete documentation and data entry for efficient and paperless counseling.
  • Mission Driven: Energy and enthusiasm for NACA’s mission of affordable home ownership for all, addressing mortgage discrimination and fighting for economic justice. Willing and able to participate in NACA’s aggressive advocacy campaigns and activities.



  • B.A. or B.S. – Preferred
  • High School Graduate or Equivalency – Required
  • Mortgage, real estate or finance courses – Highly Preferred


At least two years demonstrating some or all of the following:

  • Mortgage brokerage, origination and/or processing
  • Counseling or social work, such as school guidance
  • Relevant experience: teacher; customer service; mortgage loss mitigation
  • Real estate brokerage and/or knowledge
  • Financial counseling or advisory role

Mortgage Loan Origination License:

A HC should be able to demonstrate their effectiveness as a Counselor and ability to be an effective MC.A strong indication would be a significant number of NACA Qualifications after the initial training. At about 90 days from beginning employment, NACA would evaluate the HC for transition to a MC.If approved, NACA will provide assistance and coordination through the Compliance Department. To become licensed the Counselor must prepare for the federal exam(s) (state where applicable), pass the exam(s), and meet state licensing criteria. A MC must keep his/her individual license active and in good standing with the NMLS system in the respective states in which the MC is authorized to conduct business and cooperate with the NACA Compliance Department.


Applicants must complete the application at

NACA is an equal opportunity employer. Minority and bilingual individuals, particularly those who speak and write in Spanish, are strongly encouraged to apply.

To follow-up and for inquiries regarding this and other positions contact NACA's HR Department at617-250-6222.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $45,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year