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Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant / Researcher


3D Forensic, Inc. has spearheaded innovation with visual communicative media in criminal and civil cases, locally, federally, nationally and internationally. Our focus is not only to visually educate our audience by seeking and illustrating the truth but to do so while our forensic-science products are able to withstand any sort of cross-examination.

Our work is used in Settlement, Mediation and Arbitration Negotiations as well as in Trial and the Courtroom by Experts and Expert Witnesses, such as ourselves, Attorneys, Global Real Estate Practitioners, Government Employees in any sector and more.

Some legal practice fields that use our work are Aviation, Business, Civil, Class Action Litigation/Mass Tort Litigation, Construction, Copyright, Criminal, Firearms, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Medical/Pharmaceutical/BioTechnological, Patent, Personal Injury, Premise Liability, Product Liability, Real Estate, Tort, and Trademark.

To sum it up, we reconstruct/recreate crime scenes, accident scenes, test and analyze theories and scenarios to understand and educate such theories, scenarios, facts and/or forensics.

3D Forensic, Inc. is the only Animation/Illustration/Forensic-Technology firm with a 100% admissibility-rate, over 20 years of experience with having worked on over 1,300 cases. Our expertise and strategy throughout the legal community only increases per case as our experience generates more exposure and understanding.

We have worked on many high-profile cases including officer-involved police shootings, criminal incidents involving high-profile musicians, and have even worked in criminal drama television series sets.

We are seeking a remarkable new addition to our team who is Creative, Innovative, an Artist, a Leader and a Team-Player. If you think you fit the position and could add some creativity to our team, contact us with all the information to help us understand your skills.

3D Forensic, Inc. offers a competitive salary that is based on experience, benefits, a possibility for performance-based bonuses, and perks such as team-building-trips around the U.S. and world.


This position will be at one of our production offices in Oakland, CA. This position is intended for someone who understands that they will be around our Animation, Marketing, Branding, and Development teams, but assisting the Vice President.

Tasks you must be okay with doing include but are not limited to:

  • Any mundane to any exciting task (Picking up items we need in/outside of the office, dropping items off for us/clients, etc)
  • Researching anything we need inside the office with regards to the company and our field in forensics
  • Coding scripts/etc for programs/software we use in the office such as, but not limited to: 3D Studio Max (MEL/Max Script),Blender (Python), NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (Runs on Linux, coding used so far is C++),etc
  • Learning to Laser Scan with a high-end laser scanner to assist our experts on site-visits (Leica laser scanners)
  • Learning to fly a drone and assisting our Drone Pilots on site-visits

After you’ve been hired on, Benefits include:

  • Access to one of the company vehicles to run your errands
  • Joining us on company trips around the US (On some trips, around the world)

This position and the cases we work on require you to sign an extensive Non-Disclosure Agreement due to the sensitivity of most of the cases, amongst other reasons. You will likely be exposed to high-profile cases you see on TV. A lot of our cases are somewhat similar to ones you would see in TV series’ like Law & Order (we’ve created a few projects for the show), CSI, and criminal-like TV series’ as such.

This can be fun, cool, exciting, and stressful at the same time. There will be instances where we need to do night-time cases and need to recreate the scene at night so your hours may vary.

Basically, we’re searching for a Unicorn.


  • 1 year experience working as an assistant (preferably 2-3 years’ experience)
  • 6 months - 1 year of Researching experience
  • Knows how to use: Adobe Photoshop (These are a bonus): Adobe After Effects. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, 3D Studio Max, etc
  • Creative/Innovative mind that can/willing to solve issues that may arise in any capacity (whether involving computer-programming-software-related issues to day-to-day issues)
  • Positive and a willing view-point is important

NOT REQUIRED BUT Will score BONUS points

  • Understands and can code any/all of these languages: C++. MEL/MAX Script, Java, JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML, Objective-C, Ruby, SQL, Swift, etc
  • Understands and knows Linux OS
  • Computer Programming Science Degree of sorts (We need you to be able to program
  • 1 + years working in programming
  • Experience in illustration/animation such as: Traditional-art skills, 3D modeling, 3D animation, shading / lighting / rigging / animating / texturing / compositing / rendering skills, CG animation with 3Ds Max, Dynamic simulation experience is a plus (dust, liquids, fire, smoke), Expert compositing skills (After Effects) for completing projects from start to finish, Experience creating photorealistic renders
  • Understanding of different languages of script, ie: MEL Script/MAX script
  • Photography experience
  • Drone experience
  • Laser Scanning experience
  • 3D Game-Engine experience
  • Background in Sciences: Mathematics, Applied Physics, Anatomy, Physiology
  • Strong understanding of layout design and composition
  • Excellent communication, time management and creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to take direction and feedback from the team, as well as contribute ideas
  • Works well under deadlines and budget requirements
  • Multitasking ability to concurrently work on multiple tasks on multiple cases/jobs
  • Works well independently, in groups, and can collaborate with other departments
  • Attention to detail such as timing, perspective, distance/position, process/mechanism, and commitment to delivering high quality visuals


3D Forensic, Inc. offers a competitive salary that is based on experience, benefits, a possibility for performance-based bonuses, and perks such as team-building-trips around the U.S. and world.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume or curriculum vitae along with a link to your work.

*NOTE: Please note that your submission will not be considered without samples of your work included. Allow 14-business days for our reviewal process before re-submitting or re-contacting us.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year