Intelligence Integrator, SOFST

BMA - Reston, VA

Company Overview

BMA is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) dedicated to performance excellence leveraging people, processes, technology, and the ideas that grow and mature in our team members. BMA staff includes specialists from across the Uniform Services, the Department of Defense, and Academia with extensive analytical and technical experience.

Job Summary

As a BMA Special Operations Force (SOF) Intelligence Integrator, you will provide expertise in operations and intelligence analysis to understand interagency sanctions and entity designations on threat-identified individuals, companies, or organizations, the outputs of which must be actionable U.S. Government and multinational inter-agency intelligence packages for non-kinetic targeting. As an embedded subject matter expert (SME), your analytical, training and reach-back support enables pre-deployment preparation for follow-on teams, and support to the members working within the Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO) that focus on specific geographic locations or missions to integrate, fuse, and produce operational analysis responding to Requests for Support (RFS) from deployed analysts supporting Special Operations units.

Responsibilities and Duties

While deployed, you will embed with SOF to assist operational and tactical commanders, their staffs and subordinate units with fusing operations and intelligence information to enhance their effectiveness against threat networks. You will identify and analyze problems, and generate recommended solutions based upon experience working with elements of the DOD, interagency and international partners. Most deployments are 120 to 180 days in length.

While providing reach back support, you will directly support embedded teammates; answer requests for support from other SOF units; and work closely with a wide variety of SOF units, institutions, and partners. You will assist with pre-deployment training/preparation, conduct professional development within the CACI-WGI SOF Support Team, and mentor new members of the team to ensure they are ready to deploy and succeed.

You will work closely with other members of your team to identify capabilities and vulnerabilities of targeted enemy organizations; identify trends, patterns, and key nodes; and highlight their relationships to the targeted enemy networks.

Qualifications and Skills

Top Secret/Specialized Compartmented Information Security Clearance.
Proven ability to communicate orally and in writing.
Ability to provide daily feedback to the team lead on product development.
Be deployable to the required theater of operations, usually conducting periodic travel within CONUS and four-to-six-month deployments to OCONUS locations.
Willing to work rotating shifts if needed - that may include nights and weekends.
Bachelor's degree and more than three years of experience, or an associate degree and five years of experience, or seven years of work experience. We will consider candidates with four years of directly relevant experience.
Ability to work independently with limited oversight and function effectively as part of a team in a joint working environment.

Desired Experience:
Minimum two years' experience providing analytical support to one or more SOF units or commands.
Minimum one year of experience in forward deployed locations supporting SOF.
Minimum of three years of experience conducting network analysis in support of attack the network operations - including counter-facilitation.
Experience providing direct analytical support to operations and providing direct analytical and targeting support to deployed SOF elements.
Deployed in-theater experience assigned to a SOF unit providing intelligence support to tactical and operational SOF.
Working knowledge of network analysis tools such as Analyst Notebook and Palantir.
Working knowledge of Intel-related databases such as M3, TAC, NCTC Online, TIDE, ICReach SIGINT database, Cultweave SIGINT database, PROTON SIGINT Database.
Working knowledge of Intel targeting tools such as the Skope toolset or the Voltron toolset.
Working knowledge of geospatial Intel tools such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.
Benefits and Perks

BMA, LLC, SDVO small business attracts the most highly motivated and qualified professionals in the Professional Services and Technology industry. We appreciate the importance of high caliber professionals and offer an attractive salary and benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, life and Disability Insurance; 401K, and holidays to ensure the highest quality of life for our employees. A Career with Team BMA offers excellent opportunities for growth with one of America's finest young SDVO small business organizations.