QA Manager

Southwest Key Programs - Phoenix, AZ3.5

Job Summary:
The Southwest Key Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager) leads and oversees the regional SWK QA department to monitor and assess eight SWK programs for AZ state licensing compliance and the programs’ ability to ensure the safety and health of program clients. The QA Manager has a strong commitment to child safety and health care, and knowledge and experience of DHS state licensing for child and behavioral health care standards.

The Manager oversees a team of four QA Specialists, is the lead monitor of several sites, and works directly with program management and staff to identify issues and incidents. The Manager will facilitate enforcement and adherence to corrective action plans at the programs, as well as fill an independent and objective watch dog role focused on high-quality care for the program clients. Reporting to the Office of the CEO, the Manager will lead QA oversight of all programs and will audit, monitor, and analyze programs, case files, incidents and incident reports, and other program and client data for quality of services and care assessment as pertains to the requirements set forth by state licensing.

Essential Functions:
Managing a team of QA Specialists to ensure consistent oversight of SWK programs and client safety and health
Ensuring high-risk, high-volume, and unusual events are monitored daily and that response plans are fully implemented and tracked
Reviewing, monitoring and evaluating performance of staff related to quality improvement activities
Evaluating continuity and coordination of child care and assess the quality and utilization of services
Managing and writing reports, statements of deficiencies, and legal orders related to surveys and complaint investigations completed
Participating in enforcement meetings with SWK executive teams, regional teams, and program management and providers
Overseeing, preparing, compiling, reviewing, and submitting regular reports for Quality Assurance to the Office of the CEO and Vice-President of Programs
Managing and performing internal audits as part of the Internal Audit process and ensuring corrective action plans are completed and implemented on time
Ensuring SWK policies and related department operations comply with county, state, federal, organizational, and contractual rules and regulations
Performs other duties as assigned

Other Functions:
Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:
Bachelor's degree, or professional license/certificate and professional level experience in a health care or health related or child care field
Five (5) + years of management and field experience in social services
Knowledge of and experience with health care or child care facility statutes, rules, and/or regulations pertaining to the licensing of behavioral health care and/or child care facilities
Experience in quality management techniques, procedures, principles, and investigation and evaluation methodologies
Ability to problem-solve and utilize critical thinking skills to address challenges.
Ability to work rapidly and be an independent and fast learner.
Knowledge of data systems, including how to collect, review and analyze data
Ability to work with diverse populations and teams and communicate effectively to benefit child health and safety
Professional management experience and ability to speak to stakeholders about programs and licensing compliance/child safety and health

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Physical Demands:
Must be able to read, write, and communicate. While performing the responsibilities of this job, the employee is required to bend, lift, seize, hold, grasp, turn, or otherwise work with hand or hands. Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word. Must be able to lift up to 10 pounds.

Work Environment:
General office environment with moderate noise. This position is mostly sedentary, involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time. A busy environment with many unscheduled interruptions. Frequent computer use at workstation for extended periods of time. Public contact position requiring appropriate business apparel