Water Transfer Inspector

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The Water Transfer Inspector performs the quality control (QC) function over the contractor’s work as a part of the Company’s quality assurance program and is responsible for the completion of all activities in his area of assignment in accordance with the appropriate Company specifications and the approved for construction drawings. The areas of inspection will include, but are not limited to, the following:

Right-of-Way use
Pipe and Pump layout and use
Other Inspection areas
The inspector works under the direction of the lead Inspector may be assigned additional responsibilities as required. The inspector acts as representatives of the Company and is expected to establish a professional business relationship with contractors, suppliers, vendors, other stakeholders, and Company personnel. The inspector is required to act in ethical manner and should be aware of Company policies regarding work ethics, including but not limited to gifts, entertainment, trips, etc. offered by contractors, vendors, suppliers, or other stakeholders. The inspector provides quality assurance through inspection of work and materials for conformance to requirements. The inspector is to respect role of the contractor as an independent contractor which allows for the contractor to select the means, methods, and manner to perform the work. The inspector does not direct or supervise the contractor’s work. The inspector is empowered with Stop Work Authority and is expected to shut down any unsafe work. The inspector is to complete required documentation (i.e. reports and log books) in a timely, concise, and accurate manner. The inspector receives frequent instruction and direction from his superior and the work of the inspector is checked on a frequent basis by the lead Inspector or delegate. The inspector is not to inspect work he is not qualified to inspect


Good understanding and working knowledge of water transfer operations and equipment.

Ability to inspect all aspects of water management for a Frac
Possess good communication skills with individuals at all levels
Possess ability to effectively supervise and train other employees
Ability to write legibly and intelligently
Ability to read and follow directions
Valid driver’s license
Planning and organization activities including but not limited to:

Familiarization with the approved construction drawings and the appropriate Company specifications in order to assure the work is performed in accordance with those requirements
Familiarization with Contract documents (Agreement) as it relates to his or her duties on the project
Familiarization with applicable industry and regulatory codes
Familiarization with the Pre-Job Notes
Familiarization with the sequence of the work and plan inspection of upcoming activities
Familiarization with OQ requirements for covered tasks
Familiarization with the Company media strategy
Taking proactive approach to safety on the job site by using Stop Work Authority as necessary. Construction personnel (including inspectors) are empowered and expected to stop work on the basis of, but not limited to:

Activities, conditions, or situations that:
have occurred
are occurring or
may occur

That could result in:
Imminent danger to any person, including contractor, or Company personnel
Imminent danger to Company, or other property, or the environment
Substandard quality/work techniques that do not meet Company specifications
Understanding and following documentation requirements including but not limited to:

Detailed inspector’s log book
Required forms for assigned activities
Required inspection reports
Accurate, timely, and detailed records completed and submitted
Extra work tracking
Hydrostatic tests and any test failures
Communicating effectively, accurately, and in a timely manner

Daily problems/issues and/or anticipated problems/issues with the job communicated to the Chief Inspector
Monitoring, assessing, and reporting pump and pipe handling, hauling, and stringing processes

Verifying materials meet job specific specifications
Verifying pumps and pipe are functioning appropriately
Verifying the ROW is being utilized properly
Monitoring, assessing, and reporting on cleanup operations for:

Removal of waste materials (rocks and debris)
Repair of damaged land
Temporary structure removal
Fence repair
Proper seeding
Pipeline markers, mileposts, aerial markers, and river crossing signs
Understanding and using inspector tools for communication and documentation including but not limited to:

Laptop computer
Cell phone
Digital camera
Microsoft Excel (completion of forms)
Microsoft Word (completion of forms)
Microsoft Windows (MAC computers not approved)
Mobile devices

Additional responsibilities:
Observing the contractor’s use, movement, storage and inspection of tools, equipment and materials
Understanding Company pre start-up review procedures and checklist
Following Company procedures for handling outside agency inspections
Being familiar with and understanding extensive excavation work, earthmoving, clearing, and related pipeline activities that may have an environmental impact
Understanding Company pipeline and site staking marking conventions as well as locating and marking requirements for underground facilities
Knowing Company requirements for clearing, grubbing (i.e. stump removal), and grading
Understanding Company policies and procedures for landowner access and interface
Documenting and submitting nonconformances
Report safety issues to the Chief Inspector and Safety Inspector
Understanding the Company’s management of change process (MOC) as they relate field construction activities
Design changes or material substitutions are discussed with the Lead Inspector and that proper Company approval is obtained

The minimum qualifications include two years of demonstrated water transfer inspection experience.

A degree is not required.

The physical requirements for this function include:
Lift 50 pounds
Bend, stoop, and crawl
Ascend and descend ladders
Able to wear respirator and obtain Physician Written Opinion for respirator use
Stand for extended periods of time
About Company
Joe Knows Energy LLC is a staffing and recruiting company that delivers added value to our clients by providing them experienced Inspectors and construction supervisors who possess communication and leadership skills that support the goals of the project team.

We supply PM, CM and inspectors, primarily for the oil and gas pipeline and heavy civil industries, who are committed to excellent performance standards and thrive in a safety-focused team environment.

Our goal is to provide more certainty in regard to the performance of the inspection team. We do this through a proprietary platform that provides information in regards to technical skills, past performance and assessment of potential.

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