Physical Therapist (100k Plus)

Allcare Physical Therapy Brooklyn NY - Brooklyn, NY



Looking for a PT position you can grow in and expand clinically and professionally to the highest level?

Are you a manual therapist stuck in a stagnant job that is not developing?

Did you ever stop an think, why the top 10 percent of earners in any industry are always directly related to who coached them to greatness? You maybe dreaming of greatness, money, respect and freedom yet you may be in the wrong environment with the wrong mentors and leaders who can help you achieve your dreams

It's not your fault...

The broken medical system forces people into a trap called the xray, mri and then locks them into the complex big pharma web. David versus goliath. Us versus them.

But if you put in your dues...

Everything in life that you worked hard for will pay off big time. Working with ALLCARE is a huge shortcut to get to where you want to be because we care about your dreams and your visions.

Ok. Enough dreaming for now.

Here's what we need from you now. We need your help on our awesome team to get the company to penetrate the broken system and we can help you achieve your goals together as a team.

Still Interested? great!

ALLCARE Extra Offers

  • Mentoring toward mastery on demand custom advanced manipulative peripheral grade 5 techniques in extremity and spine
  • Continuing Education Stipend 1500 dollars ( after year one) for advanced courses
  • Unlimited mentorship via phone, text etc whenever you need to discuss a case
  • Bi monthly shadowing opportunities, fun cotreating rounds to learn and implement new techniques and methods on strange cases
  • 90 day post hire sign on bonus of 3000 dollars
  • Generous paid vacation time off
  • 3 day weekends every week Fridays off
  • Unique neuro musculoskeletal caseload you only read in the literature to learn from
  • Analysis of anatomy, neurophysiology and radiology daily to ensure you are using your strategic diagnostic skills as a direct access clinician
  • Communicating with Sports medicine doctors, Orthopedists and Primary Care Physicians to build the brand of Physical Therapy
  • Health Insurance Benefit package
  • Great team enviornment of like minded people to learn and connect with and go on outings with ( we love Spartan, and marathons etc)
  • The strongest 5 star outpatient brand in Brooklyn check us out on google
  • Industry insider secrets from the masters no one shares with you about how to skyrocket your results with minimal manual therapy effort, high level expert clinical reasoning
  • physiolological tools and technology to accelerate your results beyond belief, you will wonder how amazing our power as a profession really is when you learn to adapt these tools

What we don't offer:

* We don't offer 401 K

* We don't offer one on one care, because we believe just like a physician you must learn to diagnose the root and use your strategic tools and technique to attack the root cause. Hey it works come see for yourself

* We don't offer any certifications yet you will have so much knowledge taking the OCS will be a walk in the park working here

Allcare Skills Required:

* One year of outpatient experience preferred

* interest in someone with high energy who can work fast and efficient with an amazing support team

* someone who loves to learn on their own and would do it for free

* someone who executes and believes in being accountable to the group

* someone who seeks to grow and expand the current system we have in place

* someone who is resourceful and can solve problems fast, that's intellect you choose to use

Lets take a little quiz together so you can see for yourself if you maybe a fit.

Read our values and check each box in your head and if you say yes to each then lets chat ok?

EXCEED: CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS : You seek to understand what motivates your patients, actively listening to their perspective and persuade them to complete their plan of care not with your clinical skills but with your emotional intelligence

“TAKE ACTION” BEYOND WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU STAY PASSIONATE, STAY DRIVEN: Allcare'sculture of high performance is held together by accountability. You deliver on your promises and keep your drive daily to deliver exactly what was promised to your team, management and to the patient. You love metrics and love hitting goals.


You have deep purpose for what you do. Curiosity is in definitely part of your every fiber, to learning everyday. You constantly seek new knowledge that can grow you. You stay humble and excited by learning everyday and not caring if you learn without getting paid. You know that the more you learn to develop your skills the better you will be and the company will reach it's goals. win win


You are a professional through and through. You take pride in your work, and you care deeply about relationships you build with your team. You understand outpatient PT, is a team sport and that you are not the only one helping the patient. No egos allowed. The team wins together.


You understand that failure is ok. Fail fast and reflect and keep rolling. Adapt to your enviornment. If you are ok with making mistakes that's great because we only learn from mistakes as long as you learn from them right?

If you want to be part of the best team around that believes in non surgical pain consulting to the masses then I want to meet you.

Pain Science, Research and Non Surgical Technology merge to transform lives

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $97,000.00 to $110,000.00 /year