Chief Inspector

d'Escoto, Inc. - Chicago, IL

CommissionEstimated: $58,000 - $82,000 a year
Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
The Chief Inspector has overall responsibility for the delivery of the Services and management of the Inspectors during each Project and shall maintain direct contact with Company personnel.
The Chief Inspector?s responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, monitoring, reporting and assisting Company on any questions regarding Services provided by Contractor or Inspectors.
The Chief Inspector shall keep a log of all issues (safety, quality, compliance, etc) that are submitted on each Project through verbal communication, inspection forms, reports, etc. The Chief Inspector shall make sure all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Resolution (corrective action) shall be documented in a written issue log. Chief Inspector shall review issue log with Company on a weekly basis.
The Chief Inspector is to ensure that 100% of all Inspector reports and inspection forms are legible, complete, and thorough, and shall log any issue documented on the inspection reports to ensure proper follow-up and resolution of the issue occurs. The Chief Inspector shall participate in Company meetings when requested.
The Chief Inspector will ensure that all necessary forms are complete and transmitted to the proper person within the Company or are properly loaded on the web based project management system for the Projects (IMS).
The Chief Inspector shall be responsible for ensuring that the construction work in the field is performed in accordance with Company?s drawings, plans, specifications, and contract documents.
  • The Chief Inspector shall assist overall coordination efforts of various Other Contractors. The Chief Inspector shall be responsible for allocating inspection resources to the daily tasks being performed on the job and should notify Company of any resource deficiencies.
  • Prior to commissioning (placing gas on the pipeline), the Chief Inspector shall prepare a pre- commissioning packet for Company approval. Pre-commissioning packet shall consist of test charts, pipeline cleaning / drying records, material reconciliations, engineer specifications, purchase orders, MTR?s, as-builts, etc. Pipeline shall not be commissioned until pre-commissioning package is approved by Company.
Chief Inspector shall ensure all Company supplied materials are visually inspected for damage prior to unloading, shall verify the quantities shown on each packing slip, and shall maintain a record of packing slips and Material Test Records (?MTRs?) as directed by Company. Any and all deficiencies shall be noted and reported to the Company by the Chief Inspector. No material should be unloaded without proper documentation (i.e. MTRs).
Chief inspector shall ensure that all pipe received at pipe yard is handled, unloaded and racked per TPC requirements.
Chief Inspector shall be responsible for ensuring material receipt, inspection, and proper documentation retention.
Chief inspector shall be responsible to distribute all inspection reports changes, Company OPM & TPC updates, design drawings revisions and copy of Project related permits to all Inspectors during Contractor?s Service.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Certifications and Experience:
Minimum of five (5) years coordinating / inspecting construction projects for natural gas transmission pipelines.
Project experience with urban natural gas pipeline construction
Experience coordinating multiple contractors and inspectors across disciplines as Chief Inspector.
Experience interpreting digital / film radiography of welds and pipe
Ability to read construction drawings, alignment sheets and valve maps and translate to actual field constructability
Familiarity with DOT 192, FERC and OSHA regulations
Ability to read and implement the OPM or TPC
Word and Excel Computer skills
Complete Company OQ courses with a satisfactory score to be qualified
059A- Generic Abnormal Operating Conditions

019A- Hazard control

022A- Inspection of steel pipe

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, Certifications and Experience:
AWS/CWI Certified Welding

ANST-SNT-TC-1A Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)-Level 1

ANST-SNT-TC-1A Liquid Penetrate (PT)-Level 1

OSHA Certified