Mountain Line/NAIPTA - Flagstaff, AZ (30+ days ago)

Facilities Worker I
This work involves the routine cleaning, power washing, grounds keeping, snow removal and semi-skilled repair and maintenance of NAIPTA's facilities: buildings, repair shops, bus stops, bus shelters, and connection centers. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Facilities Manager.
We are looking for facilities maintenance experience or trade work experience (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, carpentry). Seasonally, this position will need to be available for on-call shifts to conduct snow removal activities; working on days off and overtime as needed.

Departmental Objective
To ensure security, maintenance, proper utilization, appearance, cleanliness, and safety of NAIPTA's properties and resources such as: the office premises, property, parking spaces, fleet garage bays, bus shelters, bus stops, connection centers, and driver's lounge.

To comply with regulations on occupational safety as mandated by Federal, State, and Local agencies (OSHA, FTA, ADA, DHHS). To ensure compliance with local zoning regulations, landscaping requirements, public safety, and environmental protection regulations as mandated by the EPA.

NAIPTA is an equal employment opportunity employer.


Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • Under general direction from the Facilities Manager, carries out maintenance according to work plans of all NAIPTA facilities, bus stops, bus shelters, and connection centers.
  • Operates a NAIPTA service vehicle to perform routine waste collection, power washing, and graffiti cleaning from all NAIPTA bus stops, bus shelters, and connection centers.
  • Ensures compliance with hazardous material storage, use, handling, and disposal requirements, as well as OSHA, building, fire, and other regulatory code requirements.
  • Maintains and repairs structures, facilities and grounds at bus stops, connection centers and other passenger facilities; installs, repairs, and removes benches, poles, signs and trash receptacles; cleans, patches, maintains and repairs masonry, cement and asphalt areas to remove hazards and improve appearance; paints benches, walls, curbs and other surfaces.
  • Operates a wide variety of power and hand tools and shop machines in performing maintenance and repair services, including hoists, power washers, scrubbers, core drilling machines, paint sprayers, chain saws, power pruners, chippers, jackhammers, cement grinders, arc and gas welders, drill presses, band saws, grinders, generators, air compressors and other similar equipment; performs minor maintenance and repair of tools and equipment, and assists in maintaining a preventive maintenance schedule for such equipment.
  • Performs manual and semi-skilled grounds care and maintenance tasks in repairing and grooming the grounds of NAIPTA facilities, bus stops, and connection centers by using knowledge of lawn care equipment, irrigation systems, fertilizers and plants.
  • Removes snow and ice with equipment such as snow shovels, snow blowers, ice scrapers, truck and plow and tractor with various attachments. Conduct slip and fall prevention by applying cinders and ice melt to building, bus stop and connection center walkways;
  • Waters and mows lawns around NAIPTA buildings, bus stops, bus shelters, and connection centers to ensure clean and pleasant appearance;
  • Trims trees and shrubs, applies herbicides, and performs other grounds keeping activities.

7. Performs basic plumbing, electrical, carpentry and Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning tasks in repairing and maintaining NAIPTA's facilities, connection centers, bus stops and bus shelters. Performs manual and routine painting and graffiti erasing.

  • Strips, primes and paints interior and exterior surfaces of facilities, bus stops/shelters, connection centers, and structures using appropriate paints and chemicals;
  • Using appropriate chemicals and detergents to clean off graffiti and other results of vandalism from the walls of NAIPTA facilities, bus stops, bus shelters, and connection centers;
  • Electrical: Replaces bulbs, inspects cover plates, switches, and fixture components for all NAIPTA facilities, bus shelters, bus stops and connection centers; reports damage and repairs needed;
  • Plumbing: Clear drains and toilets, report damage and repairs needed.;
  • Maintains carpets by shampooing and vacuuming. Reports damage and repairs needed;
  • Maintains heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by inspecting and ensuring proper operation and preventative maintenance; replace filters, visually inspect and report damage and needed repair.

8. Records maintenance and repair work completed on assigned work orders, both electronically and paper formats.
9. Reports maintenance, repair, safety and sanitary problems and conditions observed.
10. Drives light and medium duty trucks and small tractors. Operates forklifts, scissor lifts and similar equipment as needed.
11. Performs related duties as required

General employment policies with regard to vacation, sick, and unpaid leave apply. Occasional need to report to work on day off and work overtime.
Seasonally, this position needs to be available for on call shifts to conduct snow removal activities; working on days off and overtime hours as needed.

May be exposed to situations where confidentiality will be warranted with NAIPTA clients and employees.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Knowledge of:

  • Basic building hardware and fixtures; irrigation, mechanical, and electrical systems;
  • Basic principles of servicing, cleaning and washing public facilities;
  • Safe work methods and techniques used in maintenance and repair work;
  • Federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations for environmental and hazardous materials programs.


  • Methods and practices in the operation and maintenance of hand, shop and power tools and other equipment applicable to assigned maintenance and repair responsibilities;
  • Operating vehicles, tools and equipment in a safe manner;
  • Effective organizational and time management;
  • Operating tractors with various attachments and trucks with blade for snow plowing;
  • Strong internal and external customer service skills;
  • Correct English usage, spelling, vocabulary and basic arithmetic;
  • Understand, interpret, and apply Material Safety Data Sheet information and Haz?Mat kit instructions.


  • Prepare and maintain written and electronic records and reports of public transportation facilities cleaning and maintenance activities;
  • Interact with a culturally diverse population;
  • Establish effective working relationships with employees, local law enforcement and other agencies;
  • Follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Read and follow street and bus route maps;
  • Work efficiently and productively without close supervision;
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Establish and maintain effective, courteous working relationships with passengers, the public, and others encountered in the course of work.

Working Conditions, Exposure to Risks and Physical Dangers
This position requires physical effort such as walking, lifting, standing, and manual dexterity. Requires lifting of facility parts that are big and heavy. Requires walking from office to shop or to other areas of the premises. Dexterity in performing minor and slight facilities repairs is highly required since not all repair jobs are easily accessible.

Since the majority of this incumbent's job is to maintain NAIPTA bus shelters, bus stops, and connection centers there are a considerable amount of physical dangers, exposures to risks or injury when performing maintenance work such as chances of slipping, injury due to incorrect use of cleaning equipment, inhalation of cleaning solvents and improper use of sharp tools. The position may perform snow shoveling and power washing of floors, bus shelters, bus stops. Slippery ground conditions can be expected. Routine work in ADOT and COF right-of-ways requires vigilance and awareness to prevent vehicular and pedestrian accidents.
All personnel who are required to work with solvents, fluids, and other industrial agents while on duty are required to use only FTA, OSHA, or DOL approved goggles, work boots, protective masks, protective helmets, coveralls, other tools and equipment when cleaning, repairing, inspecting areas within NAIPTA premises and facilities.


Education Requirements: High School Diploma or GED

Similar Work Experience:
Minimum 1 year prior similar work experience
Preferred facilities and maintenance experience

Licenses, Training and/or Certifications Required: Valid AZ Driver's License

Any combination of education, experience, and training that provides the required knowledge, abilities, and skill to perform the duties of the position.

This job description does not create an employment contract. It is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. Principal duties and responsibilities are intended to describe those functions that are essential to the performance of this job, and "other responsibilities" include those activates that are considered incidental or secondary to the overall purpose of this job.
_This job description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position may be required to perform any other job related duties as requested by management.

NAIPTA is an equal employment opportunity employer._

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.02 to $19.53 /hour