Volunteer Intership/extership Patient Support

Noble Hospice Care - Fremont, CA

30+ days ago

NOBLE Hospice Care, Inc.
Job Title/Position: Volunteer
Reports To: Volunteer Coordinator

Unpaid, Offers College credits
The volunteer provides patient care and support services according to his/her experience and
training and in compliance with organization policies.
1. Serves as an integral member of the interdisciplinary group amid various settings: home
care; respite; inpatient, bereavement and/or administrative; office duties.
2. Participates in general orientation.
3. Serves the patient and family/caregiver under guidance of Volunteer Coordinator and Case
Manager or as a part of the administrative team.
4. Serves as substitute family/caregiver in the home performing activities that the volunteer
has been prepared for and has agreed to perform. The volunteer may do homemaker
chores, run errands, and provide respite care as well.
5. Documents as educated and instructed maintaining confidentiality.
6. Meets all health requirements set by NOBLE Hospice Care, Inc.
7. Provides availability on a regular basis and/or keeping with the patient and family/caregiver
8. Participates in volunteer support groups and/or educational inservices.
9. Maintains open communication and reports regularly to the Volunteer Coordinator.
10. Assignment of other duties (as needed) directed by the Volunteer Coordinator.
11. Participates in quality assessment performance improvement teams and activities.
12. Participates in interdisciplinary group meetings, as appropriate.
NOBLE Hospice Care, Inc. Job Descriptions
California CHAP Hospice Manual/revised October 2011 © 2003 The Corridor Group, Inc.
Job Title/Position: Volunteer
1. Mature individual, supportive of the hospice concept, comfortable with his/her own
spirituality and willing to serve others in a volunteer capacity.
2. Successful completion of the hospice’s volunteer training and orientation program.
3. Previous volunteer experience may be helpful.
4. Ability to work within the interdisciplinary group.
5. If making home visits, must be a licensed driver with an automobile that is insured in
accordance with state/or organization requirements and is in good working order.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Internship