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Hello Denver !!

Wow! Another CRAZY year of hail in the Colorado area! What does that mean?? MONEY!!! Well, to be honest the Colorado is the #1 state for hail and basically gets nailed every year. Something different this year is the fact that we had a HUGE storm and we still have second hail season coming in a couple of weeks . (the significance of this is that many companies are storm chasers and put down roots in other cities so leaves the market pretty wide open.)

Now, before we go any further I want to let you know that the pay scale is amazing! I personally do not know of any sales that pays more, (if I did I would be doing that, lol) but if you are the type of person that works just enough to pay their bills, please move on. I already have a couple of those. I'm looking for people that want to earn what they are worth and are willing to put in the effort.

So, my company is VSGC INC. What we do is FREE AUTO HAIL REPAIR. I know what you are thinking, "how the hail do you provide free hail repair?" Well, there are some reasons why the majority of people don't fix their hail damage:

1. Deductible: Most people don't have $$$ just lying around to take care of cosmetics on their vehicle. So, what we offer is a $0 Deductible! Thats right, we waive their deductible up to $500!

2. Rental Car: If they put their car into a shop they have to be able to travel to and from work and pick up the kids etc.. Well, we own over a 10 cars to lend to our customers at no cost. Enterprise charges $35 a day for retail mid size cars if they do not have rental car coverage.

3. Premiums: The insurance companies have done a great job of scaring people into thinking that everything will increase their insurance rates. Fortunately, Hail is filed under the comprehensive portion of the policy which doesn't raise the rates since hail is considered an act of nature.

So, I posted this in sales. Let me do a quick recap: $0 Deductible, Free Loaner, Insurance premiums don't increase, Free Pick up and Delivery, A+ BBB, Lifetime Warranty, if you can't sell this, what can you sell? You are giving a way a free service that they already need that they have already paid for!

If you aren't excited by now, I don't know what to tell ya, lol! If you are interested in making serious money, lets set up an interview. Have a great day !

Job Type: Commission

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