Accreditation Officer

Middle States Association - Philadelphia, PA

CommissionEstimated: $50,000 - $71,000 a year
Accreditation Officer

FUNCTION: The Accreditation Officer is responsible for the full range of evaluation and accreditation services for MSA-CESS member institutions. This includes, but is not limited to, recruitment, workshops, presentations, technical support to schools, advisory committee and Commission meeting participation, and the development of accreditation support materials.
Each Accreditation Officer (AO) will serve as the main point of contact for specific member institutions assigned in accordance to geographical location, and expertise. Accreditation Officers will work as a collaborative team to provide quality accreditation services to all categories of membership. Because the MSA-CESS office is located in Philadelphia, this position is primarily a telework position, requiring travel within the region and occasional travel to Philadelphia.

SUPERVISION: Reports to the President of MSA-CESS

General Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensures the appropriate rigor and consistency of the self-study, planning, and team evaluation process by performing the technical review process of improvement goals, staff analysis of team reports, chair evaluations, and other quality control processes.
Responds to questions and problems presented by member institutions regarding the accreditation process.
Responsible for approximately 350 schools within assigned region
Available for travel to Philadelphia office approximately 10-15 times per year:
Two (2) Commission meetings – April and October (3 days each)
Two (2) Retreat meetings – January and June (3 days each)
Attendance at Monthly Staff Meetings
Various workshops
Responsibilities to New Members and Candidates
Recruits new MSA-CESS institutions into membership
Assists candidate schools in the selection of a protocol
Facilitates the school’s attendance at workshops
Responds to questions and provides technical assistance during the candidacy phase
Arranges for any requested on-site training/services
Responsibilities During Self-Study
Monitors the completion of the self-study materials
Conducts the technical review of the school improvement objectives
Responsibilities During the Team Visit
Monitors the completion and submission of the team report
Responds to questions and provides technical assistance to the institution and the team chair before, during and after the team visit.
Reviews evaluations submitted by the school, team chair and team members related to the visit.
Responsibilities Following the Team Visit
Conducts the staff analysis
Participates in advisory committee and M & A committee accreditation recommendation discussions
Assists in providing requested presentations of accreditation certificates
Monitors submission of any requests for information or supplementary reports
Assists in the selection of mid-term/follow-up visitors
Monitors the completion and submission of the mid-term/ follow-up visit report
Maintains phone or email contact with school on next accreditation activities due
Ongoing Responsibilities
Maintains regular contact with assigned member institutions throughout the accreditation cycle
Responds to questions and provides technical assistance to the institution throughout the accreditation cycle.
Assists in following up on any delinquent dues or fees or general accreditation maintenance requirements.
Maintains up to date notes on the member institution using the online school files and journal section.
Assists in the preparation of materials for the Commission meetings.
Serves as a resource to Advisory Committees and the Membership and Accreditation Committees of the Commissions.
Other Responsibilities
Participates in the planning and presentation of workshops
Serves as liaison to MSA-CESS cooperative partners, governmental agencies and professional associations
Represents the President, upon his request, at meetings and conferences.
Participates in the writing and development of accreditation support documents
Works with special projects and new constituent groups
Collaborates with the support staff related to member institutions to which the AO is assigned
Ensures full communication with the President on all issues related to budget, office operations, governance, and advisory committee activities
Experience serving as a school administrator.
Substantial accreditation experience in schools and/or as a volunteer.
Masters degree or doctorate in education related field preferred.
Ability and willingness to travel extensively in the region with your personal vehicle.
Suitable home office space in your assigned region.
Strong writing and communication skills. Clear presentation skills.
Ability to work in a remote environment and be self-directed.
Familiarity with G Suite/Google programs (Mail, Docs, Sheets, Hangouts).
Familiarity with skype, GoTomeeting, hangouts, or other online meeting/presentation platforms.

Salary and Benefits
Negotiable and commensurate with experience.

How to Apply:
MSA-CESS has multiple Accreditation Officers and frequent rolling openings in the position. We will keep the applications on file for any qualified applicant and reach out directly as specific regional openings become available.
Any interested applicants should should submit a cover letter and resume to Eschelle Jackson, Executive Assistant to the President,