Distributed Systems Software Engineer

Creative Alignments - Boulder, CO4.7

Full-timeEstimated: $110,000 - $140,000 a year
Who We Are:
Stateless is on a mission to reinvent network connectivity. Our key differentiator is the decoupling of state from processing in network functions—a task previously deemed infeasible in high-performance networking systems. Implementing our design requires the use of cutting-edge technology ranging from smart NICs and programmable switches to WebComponents and distributed databases.

Stateless is a bleeding-edge network engineering company and the Stateless engineering team is a fast-paced collection of talented individuals. We utilize cutting-edge technology and tools and we are always open to what’s coming next. At Stateless you will make an impact right out of the gate as our engineering decisions and development process are driven by data and reason, not seniority or politics.

As a company we are challenging the status quo and as a culture we do the same. We thrive as an organization by respectfully challenging each other; we are looking for someone willing to learn, who can exercise humility, and who is open to honest feedback.

What You Will Do:
In this role you will be developing the application in the Stateless platform responsible for communicating with users through a REST API, managing the distributed database, maintaining high-availability by automatically responding to hardware and software faults, and the deployment of system components (including itself). This position requires software architecture skills in addition to hands-on coding, as you will take broad requirements and turn them into implemented features.

Who You Are:
You are a person with a solid understanding of the orchestration of high-performance distributed systems. In Addition, you are someone with leadership skills as you will act as a mentor to junior team members. We will need you to work in this stack but we are flexible. Suitable alternative skills are noted in parentheses.

  • Language: Kotlin (Java, Scala, C#, other memory managed, statically-typed languages)
  • Orchestration software: Mesos and Marathon (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm)
  • Containerization technology: Docker (Kata containers, rkt, LXC)
  • Distributed database: ZooKeeper (Consul, etcd)
  • Writing OpenAPI (fka Swagger) specifications (RAML)
  • Apache Kafka or some other data streaming experience
Why Stateless

We take care of you here at Stateless. We offer flexible working hours, unlimited PTO, and contribute 100% of health, dental, and vision costs. Stateless is a Techstars Boulder company with strong venture funding. We are dramatically ramping and scaling our team; we are aiming for 3x growth in the next 18 months. We seriously value work-life balance, team diversity, and maintain an extremely supportive culture.

This is your opportunity to join a highly collaborative environment as part of an innovative, tight-knit, small team of talented engineers bringing an amazing new product to market. We are already well on our way and are navigating deep into uncharted networking waters. Please think about joining Stateless on this transformational networking journey!