Home Recovery Care Registered Nurse - Home Health

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Home Recovery Care Registered Nurse - Home Health

North Side, PA, USA
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Participate in the Admission Huddle with the Admitting Provider and Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) to review all admission documentation including orders, medication reconciliation and the care plan with scheduled visits.
Confirms Admission Health and Home Assessment findings upon initial visit to patient’s home with Recovery Care Coordinator.
Carries out physician’s plan of treatment and reports changes as necessary.
Assesses patient’s condition during home visits and charts observations; makes a complete patient assessment during each nursing visit and re-evaluates the nursing needs of patient.
Provides in-home nursing services that may include: head to toe assessment, medication reconciliation and administration, initiate IV and site care, basic wound care, lab collection, catheter care and patient education.
Educates patients and their families on proper home health care strategies and procedures.
Prepares and submits clinical documentation outlining services rendered and patient's progress towards goals within the required time frame.
Documents and promptly communicates all provider (MD, PA, NP) order changes to the Recovery Care Coordinator.
Promptly communicates any patient changes to the Admitting Provider and Recovery Care Coordinator as per pathway protocol.
Initiates the Escalation Protocol as needed for changes in patient condition or status.
Participates with the discharge planning process (medication reconciliation, discharge education, etc.) and identify any needs as part of the care plan.
Instructs and supervises the patient and/or other responsible caregiver in meeting nursing and related patient care needs.
Participates in daily virtual huddles with Admitting Provider, RCC, and patient to discuss patients’ progress and Care Plan.
Provides patient education regarding the telehealth system and kit including how to participate in a virtual huddle, how to contact the Recovery Care Coordinator and how to complete biometric data and pathway assessments.
Utilizes time management and critical thinking skills at all times.
Responsible for adhering to all practice standards as they apply to patient care
Intermediate experience using computers and accurate data entry skills for entering patient record information in an interactive healthcare database system.
Ability to provide superior customer service; every decision needs to be made with the patient in mind, while maintaining safety as our top priority.
Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain written records and reports. Excellent verbal and written communication that is clear, well-organized, and demonstrates an understanding of audience needs.
Exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills and proper judgment when dealing with provider partners, staff and patients.
Ability to anticipate needs as best as possible and stay one step ahead of the patient’s care.
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