Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community - Winston-Salem, NC (30+ days ago)

Position Description

The registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) conducts assessments for residents in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, integrates nutrition therapy into care plans, and is responsible for the documentation, management and supervision of nutrition related interventions and observations including but not limited to, addressing significant weight loss, significant weight gain, tube feeding, wounds, and issues with food and/or general dining.

The RDN is responsible for the training, mentoring, scheduling and supervision of certified dietary managers (CDM). Critiques and evaluates menus to ensure adequate options for optimum nutritional intake are available to the resident community. Conducts and participates in resident dining meetings collecting preferences, service recovery, and menu planning. Provides specialized diets when needed and educates staff on diet restrictions and modified diets (i.e. pureed, mechanically altered, thickened liquids).

The RDN is part of the wellness team tasked with creating employee and resident wellness programs. Develops healthy menu items and collaborates with kitchen management for quality meal production. Offers nutrition consultations for Arbor Acres community at large and independent living residents interested in services. Acts as a liaison between residents, households, dining employees, and kitchen management.

Status: Exempt

Job Relationships

  • Reports to VP for Health Services/Administrator
  • Supervises Certified Dietary Managers (CDM) and provides supervisory oversight to Household Coordinators, Homemakers, and Dietary Aids.
  • Works closely with the Director of Nursing Arts, Director of Dining Arts, Director of Wellness Arts, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and others to collaborate and ensure nutritional needs of all residents are met in a unified fashion.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Complete skilled care initial nutritional assessments within 5 days of admission, MDS information within 3 days, and CAAS information in cooperation with the Care Plan Coordinator's time frame. Input all information in appropriate database software (AOD/Matrixcare), continue assessments to include quarterly and annually. Provide identical and/or similar assessments in accordance with assisted living residents and assisted living care planning.
  • Adherence to all Federal, state and local regulatory protocols, guidelines and recommendations, (i.e. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), FDA Food Code, The Minimum Data Set (MDS), Forsyth County Department of Public Health)
  • Attend and participate in care planning with the care planning team(s) and resident families. Integrate dietary assessment information into care plans, participate in debrief of care plans with interdisciplinary team. Build rapport with the interdisciplinary team to ensure quality care for each resident.
  • Perform dietary assessments for incoming residents and other residents as needed, assessment notes should be informative and descriptive of the services provided and of the resident’s response to the service.
  • Input progress notes accurately into appropriate database software (AOD/Matrixcare)
  • Develop interventions based on assessment and diagnosis of residents.
  • Monitor and evaluate each resident as needed.
  • Provide medical nutrition therapy (per physician/nurse practitioner order), nutrition counseling and education as needed.
  • Actively encourage resident’s family to participate in dietary needs and care planning, helping to form goals and objectives for the resident.
  • Use care plans when planning dietary services.
  • Provide alternative foods and supplements when a resident dislikes certain foods.
  • Interview residents and/or family members to obtain diet history.
  • Assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, evaluating, and supervising healthcare kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Determine resident’s dietary likes and dislikes and provide a list for dietary staff.
  • Ensure that healthcare kitchens are receiving correct food items that are offered on menus. Take corrective action working with CDM's, Asbury kitchen manager and Dining Arts Director as needed.
  • Collaborate with kitchen management to plan and provide acceptable menu items.
  • Ensure food safety by providing training for all food service staff.
  • Help food service employees achieve professional development and education as needed/desired.
  • Hold 90 day and annual reviews for employees, provide constructive criticism as needed, "coach in the moment."
  • Develop and host in-services for staff to ensure quality control and improvement
  • Maintain paperwork for incoming and outgoing residents.
  • Represent the organization in a positive manner while creating an environment that fosters respect and courtesy for our residents, staff, vendors and professional partners alike. Work within the organization’s programs to promote safety and the well-being of our residents and staff.

Core Competencies:

  • Should seek to demonstrate an empathic response to residents’ needs in all interactions; seek resident desires, concerns, participation and input; while establishing high priorities for quality and integrity.
  • Take responsibility for the health and vitality of the community through actively participating in decision making, feedback, and helping to shape the directions of the life of the community. Maintain the perspective of the overall vision of the organization and articulate to others. Listen, affirm, and challenge others to do their best by recognizing and growing potential while always questioning injustice and the disparities between the quality that is possible and actual performance.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to your own area of influence and responsibility. Demonstrate the ability to clearly and fully observe a situation; to probe more deeply, seeking additional information as necessary, exploring current reality as well as cause and effect; and link appropriate actions, resources, and solutions to a situation. Consistently apply critical thinking skills to daily tasks, and team efforts to problem solve. Demonstrate good judgment and appropriate decision-making skills when responding to the unique needs of each resident and any problems encountered while performing your duties.

Take responsible actions within the parameters of your role, without a constant need for detailed direction from others. Respond appropriately to situations, develop and apply appropriate solutions to problems as encountered. Be sensitive to opportunities for improvement. Have the ability and confidence to initiate conversations with formal leaders, as well as others, with pertinent observations or suggestions.

  • Arbor Acres' culture is one of encouraging growth, learning, and mutual discovery. Demonstrate a real sense of inquiry and a personal willingness to learn. Demonstrate an interest in improving your own quality of service through seeking new information and training pertinent to your roles.
  • Recognize your personal responsibility to significantly contribute to the growth, development, and direction of a healthy community climate. Demonstrate strong team skills - team participation, team-based decision-making, team management. Understand the concept of "community" as elders, staff, and other stakeholders. Exhibit a sense of pride, belonging and loyalty to Arbor Acres.
  • Understand and apply healthy conflict resolution processes within your personal interactions with fellow staff, residents, and others in the community. Respect the diversity of people and recognize that conflict is a normal part of community life and can lead to creative solutions and deepened relationships when dealt with in a healthy way. When dealing with conflict and differences, act with integrity. Seek to resolve issues directly, taking care not to participate in gossip, "back biting" or other destructive means of tearing down others or the organization.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that shows consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Be polite, respectful, and are aware of how your own behavior impacts others. Understand the nature many of the challenges faced by frail elders, and demonstrate an ability to interact with them in ways that both encourage and support them. Exhibit a sensitivity to actions and situations that may be embarrassing, upsetting, or otherwise difficult and relate in ways that avoid or lessen negative impact.

Typical Physical Demands

  • Must be able of moving around freely, with or without the need of assistive devices, and to traverse long distances without the assistance of another person.
  • Must be able to hear and see sufficiently to permit clear communication with residents and staff, and close observation of the changing needs and abilities of residents.
  • Must reflect in demeanor and in physical presence a personal commitment to high level wellness as evidenced by physical fitness, intellectual curiosity, high energy, and capacity for demonstration of warmth and personal interest in others.
  • Ability to lift and maneuver items weighing up to 30 lbs. is required.

Key Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong verbal communication skills. The ability to read, write, understand, and speak fluently and correctly in the English language.
  • Ability to embody and uphold the corporate personality and culture of Arbor Acres with its emphasis on warmth, caring, generation of community, enthusiasm, achievement of excellence, and joy.
  • Knowledge of Nutrition Therapy and resources.
  • Ability to plan creatively and innovatively to assure freshness in all programming
  • Strong interpersonal and human relations skills.
  • Knowledge of or the ability to master the use of technology including audio-visual and sound amplification equipment.
  • Ability to speak and write fluently in the English language. Comfort speaking before groups and large audiences.
  • Sensitivity to the needs of Senior Adults and commitment to holistic wellness.
  • Ability to listen and communicate clearly with many types of people and with people possessing a variety of physical, cognitive, and sensory impairments.
  • High level of organizational skills and ability to multi-task without compromising efficiency and effectiveness of programming.
  • Computer skills including but not limited to Excel, Word, and Outlook.

Minimum Education

  • Must possess, as a minimum, a degree in nutrition, and a Registered Dietitian License in the state of N.C.

Minimum Experience

  • Work or volunteer experience in clinical setting preferred
  • Previous management and clinical experience in a healthcare setting is preferred

License and/or Certifications Required

  • Registered Dietitian License in the state of North Carolina
  • Valid North Carolina Driver License

Job Type: Full-time


  • clinical healthcare: 1 year
  • management: 1 year
  • Registered Dietitian: 1 year


  • Bachelor's


  • Valid NC Drivers License
  • NC Registered Dietitian License

Required work authorization:

  • United States