Entry Level Firefighter for U.S. Navy

Navy - San Jose, CA


This is an Entry Level, no prior experience needed job serving the U.S. Navy as a firefighter.

A navy firefighter is an individual who has chosen and been accepted into the firefighting duty as his or her naval career rating, which is the navy's term for job. While all naval personnel are typically taught basic firefighting skills in navy boot camp, those who become navy firefighters are taught expanded and extensive firefighting, first aid and rescue training throughout their careers. To be prepared to deal with emergency situations, a navy firefighter is educated in the use of water and chemical firefighting as well as the inherent hazards in using both in the wrong application, and HAZMAT. As a navy firefighter, an individual may be assigned to any area of operations that pertains to the naval forces. This can include both surface ships and submarines, as well as land and air stations. This is also one of the motivating factors behind the very diverse firefighting training given to navy firefighters. The task of containing and extinguishing an aircraft fire, shipboard fire or land-based structure fire are all equally prone to occurring at any time. First-aid is a very important role in a firefighter's job, and this is often multiplied exponentially in the job of a navy firefighter. Lifesaving measures as well as advanced first aid are major components in the training to become a navy firefighter.

- Benefits Include paid training, competitive salary, full medical/dental/vision coverage, 100% tuition assistance, 30 days paid vacation per year, Special Deal on Home Loan, 401k equivalence, Special retirement pension, world travel, free certifications, excellent job security, and the experience of a lifetime.

Must be a US Citizen or Green Card holder

Must be high school graduate or have obtained GED.

Cannot have been charged with a felony.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • San Jose, CA (Preferred)