Pavilion Bar - Outdoor Rooftop Server

Pavilion Bar - Charleston, SC

Full-time$150 - $500 a day
Pavilion Bar
Charleston, SC
The staff of The Market Pavilion Hotel, Grill 225, and The Pavilion Bar are the standard of hospitality service in Charleston. By rewarding professional initiative and efficiency, we provide hospitality professionals with the guidance, operational structure and opportunities needed to shape their careers and pursue their goals. Rewards and benefits vary according to position; but may include bonus plans, paid vacations, health insurance, employee meals, etc. Most importantly, we offer a supportive and highly organized team structure in which a determined professional can thrive and continuously succeed as a member of one of the finest hotels in the world.
POSITION DETAILS Recipients of this Pavilion Bar Server position will be working within our extensive food and beverage operation consisting of our Pavilion Bar outdoor rooftop restaurant. Additionally, each of our servers are cross trained in our Prime Steakhouse (Grill 225) as well as in our hotel's special events department. This flexibility enables the Pavilion Bar server to receive maximum exposure to all aspects of our vibrant property's business demands, thus maximizing the recipients earning potential on a daily basis. Recipients of this Pavilion Bar Server position will have a strong desire to be guest focused with a willingness to please and exceed the expectations of our guests. Recipients must be caring, friendly, and hospitable with the ability to make positive and memorable interactions with each of their guests. Our ideal applicants will possess at least 2 years experience, as a server or bartender in a restaurant, bar or resort environment. Recipients of this position must have knowledge of wine and various types of liquors. The Pavilion Bar server will be responsible for providing timely service by delivering food and drinks to guests at the outdoor Pavilion Bar and Pool area. Efficiency, intelligence and speed are paramount. Hours vary from morning to late-evening. Full-time applicants with wide-ranging schedule flexibility will be given first consideration for this position. COMPENSATION Highest Earning opportunity in the City - High Season average $150-$500+ per day While gratuities vary by an individual's performance and are not guaranteed by the hotel, it has been our experience that a Pavilion Bar server who has the capability for the work and who has the ability to make caring, professional and hospitable connections with their guests, will have the opportunity to make earnings that are at the top of the hospitality spectrum in Charleston ranging on average from $150-500+ per day in our busy season. Most commonly, our staff member's earnings are in the middle to high range of this earning spectrum at the Pavilion Bar. In detail, recipients will be provided base hourly pay. Additional earnings are based on gratuities provide by the guest at their discretion. The level of gratuities received are performance based and are contingent upon the individual's ability to perform their job well with respect to providing knowledgeable, meaningful and courteous guest interactions. Gratuities are based solely on the discretion of the guest. Gratuities provided by guests are the primary portion of a Pavilion Bar Servers earnings. SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY The ideal candidate will have good schedule flexibility with the willingness to work weekdays, weekends and occasional holidays. Hours vary from morning to evening. Full-time applicants with wide-ranging schedule flexibility will be given first consideration for this position. Resumes may be submitted in person to the hotel’s Guest Services Desk Monday – Friday from 12pm – 2pm. PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG SCREENING PROCESS Pre-employment drug testing is a definite reality in our company, and is a mandatory requirement for all eligible candidates. Contingent upon the candidate’s ability to advance beyond the interviewing and background screening process, eligible employees will then be instructed to report to our company’s designated drug testing facility in person. An eligible candidate who successfully passes the drug screening test at our approved testing facility will then be provided a Passing Certificate of Documentation. This Passing Certificate of Documentation on record will be required before the candidate is potentially offered a final position within our company. Applicants are encouraged to be aware of their ability to successfully pass our pre-employment drug screening test before investing any aspect of their valuable personal time with respect to our company’s comprehensive application process.