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Do you like coding challenges and hackathons? Would you like to be involvedin building something that will be used byhundreds of thousands or millions of people?

Are you energetic? Do you lose yourself in code and don't realize that time has flown by?

We are a tech based media buying company who is looking for a young developer , not scared to make decisions based off the scope of the project. The ideal candidate has experience building web applications with a rapid development framework.

- Backend Developer in javascript or python based web framework with experience in building applications through a modern STACK.

- Example web frameworks include , but are not limited to Django, Flask,Falcon, Express , SailJs, or any javascript stack.

- Experience in building RESTFUL web applications.

- Must be able to integrate APIs/SDKs.

- Reading is also a huge plus, if you can read it simplifies the development process.

- Experience with tracking pixels/events.

- Bootstrap CRUD applications in short periods of time.

- Ideallyclean organized code for your own sanity as you will be the one looking at it.

- Frontend Development is a huge plus

- Basic Knowledge of the Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation 6, or any other major CSS Framework.

- Automation Experienced with Puppeteer, selenium, or requests is also a huge plus, but not required.

- Must know how to deploy web applications behind NGINX and CDN through traditional deployment or preferablyDocker

- Should be able to deploy web apps behind nginx and cdn platforms.

- Understanding of Cloud platforms such as AWS/Digitalocean ( At the moment we use digitalocean, but are not married to it .)

- Database management and deployment experience

Get ready to be challengedand to work under pressure and ideallywork from the office in La Crescenta.

Please send us your resume and some code you are proud of.

Show us what you are madeoff.

Job Type: Full-time