CLUB MANAGER (109-19) A NAF Careers Position

Air Force Nonappropriated Fund (AFNAF) Services Career Program - Moody AFB, GA



POSITION INFORMATION: Position is a Regular Full Time permanent position with benefits and 35 guaranteed hours. Pay may be negotiated and set within the advertised salary range with the exception of appropriated fund (APF) employees hired under the Portability Act. Applicants hired under the Portability Act may negotiate pay within the advertised salary range, but no higher than their previous rate of basic APF pay. Internal NAF applicants pay may be set according to applicable NAF pay setting rules.

This is a centrally-managed position in the FORCE SUPPORT Career Field. Relocation expenses (PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION {PCS}) are authorized and will be funded PCS will be paid in accordance with NAF Career Program Guide, the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), and applicable Air Force Regulations.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for the economic and efficient operation of small- to medium-sized club facilities and activities. Implements higher level directives, formulates procedures and programs to ensure high standards of food and beverage, recreational and entertainment/promotional programs. Establishes, reviews and evaluates menu planning, food service, purchase of supplies, equipment and resale merchandise. Establishes financial goals commensurate with market analysis of area or region. Prepares budget, analyzes financial results and maintains solid financial condition of the club or club complex. Responsible for work force management, recruitment and staff training. Manages real property resources and provides expert advice on renovations, improvements, minor and major construction. Ensures proper military and civilian protocol is practiced. Coordinates with senior military and civilian leadership and local, other officials.


Must have experience that shows progressively responsible administrative, professional, technical or other work which has provided a general knowledge of management principles and practices, or progressively responsible experience in one or more of the functions managed by a club manager. Substitution for experience: A four-year degree from an accredited college with a major in one or a combination of hospitality, culinary, restaurant or club management, or business management may be substituted. Specialized Experience: In addition to the general experience, applicant must have specialized experience gained in the operation or management of a government or civilian club, restaurant, or institutional feeding facility. The experience must include responsibility or supervision over the various phases of club management operations. Must be able to satisfactorily complete a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI).

Based on Air Force worldwide locations and Mobility Agreement, United States citizenship is required to be appointed to a NAF Career Program position.

"All Federal NAF Employees are required by PL 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit."

Any individual who was required to register with Selective Service and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before the requirement terminated or became inapplicable, will not be appointed.