Executive Chef

The Groves a Merrill Gardens Community - Goodyear, AZ (30+ days ago)

Executive Chef: Goodyear, AZ. The Groves, A Merrill Gardens Community; a premier Senior Living Community is searching for a qualified Executive Chef.

Candidates must be passionate foodies and committed to executing the perfect meal, focusing on guest interaction and resident satisfaction. This is a leadership position for both the front of the house and back of the house operations reporting to the General Manager. Responsibilities include menu planning, hands-on cooking applications, plate presentation, dining room supervision and proper sanitation practices. Administrative responsibilities include compliance with all federal, state local regulations, scheduling, purchasing, meal tracking and food cost accountability.

Love for food, a proven record of team work and a positive professional approach are essential to success. This position offers a great work environment, a balanced work schedule and potential for growth.

Job Identification


Department: Dining Services

FLSA Status: Exempt

TB Requirements: ALL STATES

Supervisory Relationships

Reports To: General Manager

Supervises: Sous Chefs, Cooks, Prep Cooks, Dishwashers, Dining Service Leads, Dining Room Servers, Bistro Attendants

Basic Function

The Executive Chef is responsible for managing all aspects of the food service program available at the community, including staffing; inventory/budget control; food handling, preparation and storage; and sanitation procedures. Adheres to customer service philosophy by providing excellent customer service to Residents and their Families, and Team Members.

Essential Duties and responsibilities

Provide a high level of customer service to residents and Team Members by achieving the standards as outlined in the MG CARES program.

Managing People

· Maintains a presence in the dining room during meal times to hear input and concerns, while monitoring and ensuring high quality food preparation, satisfaction and presentation.

· Builds and maintains professional resident relationships in order to resolve issues or concerns in a positive manner.

· Provides Team Members with coaching, feedback, and developmental opportunities and builds effective teams.

· Effectively hires staff that exhibit MG competencies, while maintaining a low turnover rate for consistency in the dining experience for residents.

· Determines and communicates clear standards and expectations and holds Team Members accountable for performance.

· Evalutes Team Members’ skills and competencies and ensures regular coaching and the completion of timely performance reviews.

· Recommends salary adjustments, transfers, promotions and dismissals.

· Ensures proper training of personnel assigned

· Fosters a cooperative and harmonious working climate conductive to maximize employee morale and productivity

· Plans staffing levels and schedules based on dining levels of residents.

· Prepares and administer daily, weekly, and monthly job duty lists for all food service staff.

· Assures proper training and certification of all food service staff as required by Merrill Gardens, and state and local guidelines.

· Enforce the Merrill Gardens’ Uniform Dress Code.

Essential Duties and responsibilities (continued)


· Adheres to budgetary guidelines established by Merrill Gardens.

· Maintains an accurate declining balance for food service budgets.

· Prepares and enforces all regular cleaning schedules and monitors for compliance.

· Using company menus, prepares and places orders for all food and non-food items needed for daily food preparation and kitchen sanitation with company approved vendors.

· Provides timely management reports, as required.


· Schedules and supervises all food preparation activities, as well as cook on most days.

· Establishes menu items from approved recipes in accordance with Merrill Gardens’ policies and procedures.

· Initiates creative menu items within provided guidelines for regional preferences requested by residents.

· Enforces the practice of safe food handling at all times.

· Ensures that foods and flavors meet and exceed Residents approval.

· Ensures that all work surfaces and utensils are cleaned and sanitized before use and throughout the workday.

· Ensures that all food is attractively presented.

Other Duties

· Other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications

Education :

· BS or Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, preferred.

Experience :

· Minimum 7 years of food service experience.

· Minimum 2 years management experience.

· Must be at least 18 years of age.

· Knowledge of food safety, sanitation, proper storage and handling procedures.

· Proper certification as required by state and local statutes, if required.

· Ability to complete Merrill Gardens’ Food Service certification courses (i.e. ServSafe) as required and full understanding of HACCP requirements.

· Must be computer literate.

· Comprehend and communicate written and spoken English.

· Obtain a food handlers permit, if required .

· Must understand and have knowledge of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) .

· Demonstrated prior experience with taking residents meal orders, delivery and service.

· Consistent and punctual attendance for shifts.

Physical Demands

The physical demands and work environment described below represent the activities and surroundings of the position:

· Must be able to lift up to 60 lbs. on a frequent basis and 100 lbs. on an occasional basis, push/pull up to 40 lbs, carry up to 30 lbs.for up to 100 yards, and constantly stand and walk.

· Requires occasional stooping, bending, twisting, crouching, kneeling and crawling.

· Must be physically able to climb stairs .

· Other Physical Requirements: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to: use hands to handle, or feel; talk; see; and/or hear.

· Must be able to smell as necessary to discern resident’s needs and/or building emergencies.

· Must be physically able to handle, grasp and reach occasionally to frequently throughout the workday


· Customer Focus - Knows and understands internal and external customer needs and responds accordingly; is able to anticipate customer needs, with a high priority to customer satisfaction and customer service. Shows genuine interest in Residents’, Family Members’ and fellow Team Members’ feelings and thoughts, and responds quickly and appropriately. Delivers information clearly in an effective, timely manner. Seeks and accepts frequent feedback to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

· Attention to Detail / Commitment to Quality - Takes responsibility for a thorough and detailed method of working. Checks his/her work carefully and often.

· Teamwork - Works as a productive member of the Community Team; working toward common goals by contributing to team growth, and effective team unity.

· Integrity - Upholds social, moral, and Company defined standards in job-related activities and behaviors.

· Integrity - Upholds social, moral, and Company defined standards in job-related activities and behaviors.

· Strategic Decision Making & Problem Solving - Draws correct and realistic conclusions and makes timely decisions based on available information. Understands a given situation or problem by combining information that is readily available; identifying patterns or connections between situations that are not obviously related; identifies key or underlying issues in complex situations. Has and uses knowledge of systems, situations, procedures, and culture inside the organization to identify potential problems and opportunities; analyzes and thinks through the impact and implications of decisions regarding other components of the organization.

· Financial Awareness - Actively seeks opportunities to optimize financial costs within predetermined budgetary parameters when making decisions that have financial implication. Actively looks for ways to reduce costs in the department/organization or allocation of resources.

· Bold Leadership - Achieves results through people/Team Members by successfully setting objectives, conducting consistent and regular performance feedback, motivates, delegates, commits to teambuilding, and empowerment

All positions are required to follow the main focus of our Falls Policy which states the following:

911 must be called for medical evaluation if the resident has a visible injury to the head or complains of headache or vision problems, or is not acting as they normally do within 24 hours of the fall. If the resident’s emergency contact is present with the resident and the resident prefers to have them take them immediately to be evaluated medically, this would be acceptable in place of calling 911. We will not wait for the emergency contact to arrive if they are not already at the community. The head includes any part of the body above the neck. Even if no head injury is apparent, there may be a serious injury requiring medical attention.

If you need clarification on any items outlined in this job description bring them to the attention of Human Resources or the Senior Vice President. Your signature below will indicate that you have received a copy of this job description and that you understand and are willing to perform the duties outlined in it.

Job Type: Full-time