Referral Administrator

Ascent PSC - Benton - Benton, AR

Manages referral process for potential patient.

Initiates and maintains relations with various business, professional, social, charitable, public, religious, and private organizations to market clinic services to the community.

Keeps in contact with DCFS as necessary to monitor on-going services to patients and families at risk.

Makes home visits as needed for various problems such as patient absences, assessment of environmental risk, death in family, etc.

Researches, analyzes, and monitors financial, technological, and demographic factors to capitalize on market opportunities.

Collaborates with Director of Marketing on development and production of promotional and collateral materials.

Achieves satisfactory profit/loss ratio and market share in relation to preset standards and industry and economic trends.

Ensures effective control of marketing results, and takes corrective action to guarantee that achievement of marketing objectives falls within designated budgets.

Oversees and evaluates market research and adjusts marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.

Monitors competitive products and marketing activities.

Maintains customer database.

Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key community and strategic partners.

Coordinate with clinic staff regularly on the referral process and customer service issues.

Responsible for increasing patient referrals and reporting referral rates.

Is familiar with the company’s policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including CHMS, AR Child Care Licensing, and the AR Health Department.

May perform other related and non-related duties, as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.